Workplace and Public Sector Packages

Be Strong supports a variety of Employers and Public Sector organisations to help them improve the lifestyles of their staff, customers or residents.

Do you want to help people lose weight, get fit and improve their physical and mental health?

If the answer is YES - please select from the options below:
Public Sector

We are a Public Sector organisation (Local Authority, CCG, NHS etc) and are interested in improving the health of the public in relation to the lifestyles they lead.


We are an Employer that is interested in getting involved in improving the health of our staff.  We’d like to learn more about an ‘in-house’ solution that is non-intrusive, innovative, affordable and sustainable.

East Lancashire - All Organisations

We are an East Lancashire based organisation (Employer, Local Authority, CCG, NHS etc) that’s also interested in improving peoples health. As we’re local to the area we’re interested in sending people to a Be Strong group!

Be Strong are proud to work in partnership with