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Rick and Rachel have lost over 16st in weight and have an excellent track record of helping people achieve similar success. They focus on helping you to Eat better, Move more and Live your life differently. They are very successful at preventing people from regaining any weight they lose. You can attend a number of weekly groups in East Lancashire. They also offer support via an online membership.

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What is Be Strong?

Be Strong is a lifestyle transformation support group, devised by Rick Wilson and Rachel Wilcock, where we will help you to change your life for the better, forever!

Groups and Costs

You can attend as many of our groups as you like at only £20 each month. Can’t make it to group? Then join us online, from wherever you live, for only £7.99 per month!

Join Us

If you would like to attend a group this week you can  sign up online in advance then just turn up. Otherwise try us out at £7.50 per visit. Online memberships are also available.

Online Membership

You can now sign up to an online subscription! We’ll send your personalised starter programme within hours, it will also have been discounted from £19.99 to FREE as part of your membership.


Would you like to increase staff retention, improve mood, general health, performance and productivity? Concerned about costs and effectiveness of traditional well-being programmes? We can help.

Mobile App

Members can now add our app for a faster loading time, offline capability and instant access to your Be Strong account!

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