• Are you ready to Be Strong?

    This isn’t just about changing your body, its about changing your life.

  • Eat food you love…

    ...so you never need to diet ever again

  • Move your body more…

    ...to boost your mood, be healthier and control your weight

  • Live your life differently…

    ...if you don't how can things ever change?

Welcome to Be Strong Eat. Move. Live.

Rick and Rachel have lost over 16st in weight and have an excellent track record of helping people achieve similar success. They focus on helping you to Eat better, Move more and Live your life differently. They are very successful at preventing people from regaining any weight they lose. You can attend a number of weekly groups in East Lancashire. Rick and Rachel also offer support on a one to one basis - please contact them to check availability.

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What is Be Strong?

Be Strong is a lifestyle transformation support group, devised by Rick Wilson and Rachel Wilcock, where we will help you to change your life for the better, forever!

Groups and Costs

We never wanted price to be a barrier to people coming along to Be Strong. You can attend our groups from as little as £2.83 per week!

Join Us

If you would like to attend a group this week you can  sign up online in advance then just turn up. Otherwise try us out at £5 per visit.

Online Membership

We are soon to announce details of an online subscription on a ‘name your price’ basis. Watch this space!

Weight Loss

We will supply all members with a unique plan personalised to you. You can record your weight, BMI and body shape with us.

Be Strong TV

We produce regular exercise, motivational, news and other films at Be Strong TV. Contact us if you would like to get involved.


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The Be Strong Crew
Rick Wilson

Rick loves spending time with people and helping out where he can

Rachel Wilcock

Rachel is devoted to her family and loves to pack as much into each day as possible

Sally Heppenstall

Sally is our marketing guru, adviser, friend and the loveliest person you will ever meet

Debbie Schofield

Debbie originally joined Be Strong, lost 9st and now leads on group development

Nichie Hoyle

Nichie is the multi-tasker in the team with the potential to create her own destiny

Karl Bibby

Karl is our technical expert – the man with an ability to simplify the impossible

We can help you to change your current lifestyle in a number of ways. Our ability is ranked on a combination of evaluation, feedback and outcomes.

We are absolutely clear that our intention is to support you to improve your lifestyle so that any improvements to your physical and mental health and wellbeing are sustained for your lifetime.

Motivation and Inspiration

Goal Setting

Personal Mentoring

Group Leadership

Creative Content