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Be Strong has a solid reputation for delivering safe and sustainable weight loss, increased fitness and improved well-being and mental health. We offer employers a workplace package which removes any time, childcare or other logistical constraints which can prevent people attending groups outside work. We'll train some of your staff to become Be Strong Ambassadors, and they will run your Be Strong group - at work!

Physical benefits

We specialise in promoting safe and sustainable weight loss, increasing people's fitness and delivering improved health benefits. We have a huge suite of programmes you can access plus a massive library of exercise films.

Increased knowledge

It's no secret that we encourage people to learn more about how the body and mind functions, along with using our tried and tested programmes, to help people successfully transform their lives. We like our members to discuss things too!


Once you get started with Be Strong, you will visibly notice the difference - you will feel it too! You'll see colleagues interacting in such a positive way which will also have a massive impact on how well they collaborate in the workplace too!

Loving our Workplace Wellbeing package through Be Strong

Just wanted to give some updates from staff who are loving our Workplace Wellbeing package through Be Strong. We’ve started a C25K group, and due to breaking up for holidays,… Read more “Loving our Workplace Wellbeing package through Be Strong”


Frequently asked questions

We had been considering the options of how we would roll out Be Strong, and none sat well with our ethos and values.

We had already decided that commercial considerations would never influence the advice we gave to Be Strong members, or the direction we took as a business. This ruled out the more traditional options, such as franchising, as there would need to be ‘up sells’ to make it viable – and to be honest, there’s nothing to ‘up sell’, we’d be making it up!

So, we started again with a completely blank canvas and the answer was obvious – to us anyway! After running groups for a number of years, we learned that the majority of barriers to people attending were affordability, time constraints and childcare issues. Also, before we went full time with Be Strong, we were both inundated with requests to run a group at lunchtime where we worked – with people citing the same reasons for why they could not attend groups in the evenings.

In the future we envisage that people will go to work to change their lifestyle, at no cost to them, and we want you to help us make this happen.

Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you might think. We provide you with all the tools and resources you require. You just need a couple of willing staff who will volunteer to be Be Strong Ambassadors.

We will train them in our online Academy and award them with the coveted Be Strong Ambassador certificate once completed.

We don’t restrict the amount of Ambassadors you can have in your company, choose as many as you like!

Dependent on ability, the course can be completed in 3 to 5 hours. It can be put down and picked up again from where you left off. If you have an interest in this subject, you will not be bored! It’s mostly delivered through films with a series of knowledge tests. It’s not an easy course but it’s worthwhile. It’s a game changer so we would recommend as many people take the course as possible.

Absolutely! The majority of ‘weight loss consultants’ training time is spent focusing on how to promote their club, how to market it and how to ‘up sell’ products.

We’ve removed all of these commercial constraints from our Ambassadors so they can concentrate on leading their groups and making a difference.

We recommend a weekly group. You can choose a time and a location to suit you, and your staff. 

It all depends on what you decide to do. If you just want a drop in session to get weighed and hold a discussion (we provide you with a topic every week) then 25 minutes will be plenty. If you are fortunate enough to have time and space to be able to exercise your staff, we would allow 55 minutes. We provide you with a weekly workout, or you can select from our vast library of workout films to exercise to.

The only thing we don’t provide you with is a set of weighing scales. We do however provide you with advice of where you can purchase them from. They should cost no more than £30.

Firstly they all get an online membership to Be Strong. We take some personal details from them, such as height, gender, age, current weight and their activity levels. We apply a complex formula which produces a starter programme for them. It takes about 3 hours from them providing the information, to it being delivered via email. At this time we also offer them the opportunity to follow our very popular ‘5pm’ or ‘Weekender’ programmes.

No, you’re fully in control. Adding staff as members is really easy and you can do it two ways: –

  1. We provide you with a link that you can email to your staff and they sign up from there
  2. You can simply add email addresses individually in your account area to add your staff. No masses of data input, its just an email address, that’s all that’s needed.

Ask the workforce if it’s something they might want.

Invite at least 2 people to volunteer to run the group. Don’t forget, we will train them as Be Strong Ambassadors.

Choose the number of people you think may want to join your weekly group and sign up for a workplace plan.

We send you full instructions on how to set up your group and how to add your staff as members.

We give you access to weekly discussion topics, our recipes, a suite of exercise films, lifestyle programmes, workplace programmes, a weight tracker tool for each member along with global monthly challenges which you can all join in with.

You can sign up for a workplace package here. You will be asked to choose how many of your staff you think may want to join your new Be Strong group. Don’t worry if you need more later, you can always add to them.

TIP! Once you get up and running it will be very popular and you will more than likely have lots more staff asking to join.

"I have made lots of new friends, got fitter, become more social and got out of a rut!! It is also food for my mental health too. Best decision I ever made, thanks to the support of Rick and Rach"
Tracy Laffy
“At this weeks weigh in my total lost to date is 4st 10.5 lbs. I am now only 9lbs away from my goal, I feel fabulous and I believe my life has begun again thanks to this fantastic group! I will be forever grateful to them all."
Karen Fielding

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