Employee health is a massive problem for you.

It will be costing more than just money.

The trick to a successful employee wellness program – and healthier employees – is empowering your staff to connect to as many components of their wellness as possible. These include physical, emotional and social well-being.

So – if you’re already concerned about poor diet, lack of physical activity and related health issues amongst your staff – we have a brilliant and innovative solution!

Run your own Weekly Be Strong Group at Work!

We provide you with everything you need – it’s 100% sustainable and at a fraction of the cost of traditional employee well-being programmes!

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I would love to see more approaches like this rolled out across the UK

Be Strong provides an evidence-based programme that moves away from the “quick fix” mentality and dependency that is unfortunately promoted by many commercial weight loss programmes. I’ve genuinely not come across a programme that is so successful at helping individuals turn their lives around for good.

Dr Paula Watson
Liverpool John Moores University

Why are you offering a Workplace Programme to employers?

We had so many calls from businesses asking for us to help them, it's as simple as that. We're big on 'Community' and we're convinced our workplace programme will enhance and develop what you already have. However - we'll only provide it if your staff want it, and we'll want to see evidence of that too. Otherwise it just won't work!

How much will it cost?

This depends on how many staff get involved - you're only charged for the number of people that actually participate. Most workplace well-being initiatives charge you according to the size of your workforce, irrespective of how many people join in. We would never do that.

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What's Included?
Weekly Group Meeting
Your weekly group meeting keeps staff focused on their goals, accountable to themselves and can even include an exercise session! They will plan group challenges, activities, events and coordinate programmes at work.

  • Enjoyable Sessions
  • Boost in Confidence
  • Develop New Friendships
  • Optional Exercise Session
  • Bespoke Nutrition
  • Personalised Programmes
  • Meal Tracker App
  • Group Challenges
  • Community
  • Extra Support
Weight Loss & Physical Benefits
Be Strong gives you the honest truth about how to lose or manage your weight, forever. You will eat food you love, and do activities you enjoy, without it being dressed up in convoluted diet plans and crazy exercise schedules. As you lose weight, you will start to gather coveted Be Strong awards too!

  • Safe and Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Increased Fitness
  • Improved Health Benefits
Lifestyle Programmes
We provide you with lifestyle programmes to help you break, or improve, bad habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

  • Enhanced Brain Performance and Working Memory
  • Improved Well-being and Mental Health
  • Increased Motivation
Reset Restart Course
Our 8 week Reset Restart Course will provide you with all the knowledge you will ever need to learn how to safely lose weight, and then maintain it. It will help you to decide what to focus on whilst busting all the common weight loss myths that are out there!

Check Out a Reset Restart course Topic! How Does Fat Leave Your Body?

Nutrition Programmes
Our nutrition programmes are personalised to you, so you make the best choice of food and drink to meet your weight management goals. We help you to lose weight in a way that suits you!
Food you Love
Our recipe database has lots of quality, calorie counted recipes, that have come from our Be Strong community.
Meal Tracker
Members use their Meal Tracker to learn how they gained weight in the first place, and to understand how they can start to put that right.
Community and Support
A thriving community of really friendly, helpful and like minded people can be found in our discussion forums or our private Facebook group. Rick and Rachel participate in the discussions every single day so the right amount of inspiration and motivation is never far away.
Mobility, Activity and Fitness
If you need to move more, whatever your level of fitness – we can help! Always in a very gradual and incremental way, to ensure you build your fitness at a manageable and sensible rate. You’ll minimise the risk of an injury and over exertion – and for this reason you will likely enjoy it, and most importantly, sustain it!

Sample from our Exercise Library

Loving our Workplace Wellbeing package through Be Strong

Just wanted to give some updates from staff who are loving our Workplace Wellbeing package through Be Strong. We’ve started a C25K group, and due to breaking up for holidays,… Read more “Loving our Workplace Wellbeing package through Be Strong”



Stimulate some discussion and find out if it's something your staff would be interested in!

Step 1

Print copies of the poster below and display them on the inside of washroom doors, staff areas, absolutely anywhere you feel would be prominent and leave them there for a week

Tip! If you click on the image it will open up in full resolution for better printing.

Step 2

Talk to your staff and ask them if it's something they would like to happen

Step 3

Contact us and let us know what they said

workplace poster

You can also Download and Print the PDF Version of the Poster

Lifelong Success

Be Strong is successful at improving member’s diet and physical activity by providing effective new skills and abilities that are evidence based. Be Strong incorporate important psychological factors that lead to healthy habits that are necessary to ensure lifelong success.

Dr Alison Divine
Leeds University

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(Would you prefer to send your employees to one of our East Lancashire based Be Strong groups instead? Please click this link as we have an amazing offer for you!)


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