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We’re Rick and Rachel. We lived the vast majority of our lives as bigger people. Rick has lost over 11st, Rachel has lost over 5st.

We had been locked in a cycle of constantly trying to lose weight, starting well, then giving up way before the job was ever done. Every month we spent money on gym and slimming club memberships that never got used.

Rick had even bought expensive products, with promises of incredible weight loss, with very little effort in a short space of time. Of course, they didn’t work.

In Jan 2016 we founded Be Strong, using the resources we created to lose weight ourselves, to help others achieve their goals. Our members have enjoyed incredible success.

We provide you with bespoke and personalised nutritional advice, your own weight tracker tool and personalised programmes that are simple to follow. We’re in constant contact with you, and it’s personal, we write every single word ourselves!

Don’t wait any longer, let’s get started straight away.

Rick and Rachel.

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