Nicola receives her 5th wristband!

Well done Nicola!


After losing 5 stones Nicola is on the home straight now to complete her goal and live her new lifestyle forever.  To say we are incredibly proud of her is an understatement.

If you can find motivation, be willing and open to trying new things, understand and accept that some habits have to come to an end, and can be strong enough to come to us to learn how to put it all together, you can be successful too.

A few weeks before being awarded her 5 stones wristband Nicola said: “Today marks 1 year since I plucked up the courage to join Be Strong. I contemplated walking through the doors for 6 months , nervous that I wouldn’t be successful at making changes. However, I am now a couple of pounds off my 5th wristband, enjoying healthier meals, exercising most days and loving it!!

I have made some fab new friends and feel really at home when I come to classes. Thank you Rick Wilson, Rachel Wilcock and Debbie Schofield for your support and motivation. And to all of the Be Strongers for inspiring me to keep going on my journey.”

More Inspiration

Libby Taylor

  • Libby

    Weight lost: Just over 8st

  • Favourite snacks: Mini toffee malt loaves 95 calories, felt like eating a cake but lower in calories and satisfies after one instead of wanting to eat the whole box!!
  • Favourite meal: Cod in butter sauce (100) with homemade chips (130) and marrow fat peas (70) 300 calories altogether
  • Types of exercise used most: Be Strong HIIT. Walking, running (before getting injured). Recently started weight training to tone up.
  • How you stayed on track: Didn’t give anything up- at all! I knew I had to change my relationship with food and my goal was to be able to still eat food I liked but be sensible about it and not binge and over eat like I used to. I could of got where I wanted to be faster by completely cutting certain things out
    but that wasn’t the goal for me this was a complete lifestyle change and I needed to make sure I could be in control on the food I ate.
  • Your advice to others starting out: There is only you that can do this, and you need to keep a goal in mind. Stay focused and always think back to the reason your doing this.

Debbie Schofield

  • Debbie

    Weight lost: Just over 10st

  • Favourite snacks: Don’t really snack it was a habit I found hard to break so don’t want to get back into it, but before a run I will have a broghie with peanut butter 50 calories or freedom organic banana bread 90 calories (30g)
  • Favourite meal: Tuna steak 100g with balsamic dressing 190 calories with carrot and swede mash 90 calories
  • Types of exercise used most: HIIT sessions and running
  • How you stayed on track: Surrounded myself with like minded people! When you see people achieving amazing things it’s hard not be inspired. I also try very hard not to miss any Be Strong sessions and still attend 2 a week. Getting involved in the monthly challenges also helps to keep me focused and on track as I’m quite competitive and love pushing to achieve a goal every day.
  • Your advice to others starting out: JUMP!!!! Everything is scary when it’s not your norm! Ask questions, take advice, challenge yourself, find an exercise you love and above all relax and enjoy the ride xxx


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