Sport Walking

Sport Walking is coming to Rhyddings Park!

The group will take place every Monday from January 7th 2019 and then each week at the same time! Your Sport Walking leaders are Michelle and Marie.

Walk with a neighbour, your kids, push the pram or a friend in a wheelchair – all will benefit from being outdoors, socialising, exercising – whatever the benefit is for you – join the Sport Walking Group!

We will meet at 10am for a short briefing and then we will head off, through the park to our destination. All in all the walks will take 45 minutes from start to finish and then settle at around 60 minutes once we’ve had a chance to assess the group’s ability.

This is a completely free imitative provided in partnership with Be Strong and Friends of Rhyddings Park –

Meeting location is at Rhyddings Park, Coach House, Off Fielding Lane, Top end, BB5 3BH

Just turn up!


How much is it? – It’s completely free and always will be!

Who do you think will turn up? – We’re hoping anybody with any free time on a Monday morning will be there. We would love to see people of all ages interacting and supporting each other.

Will I be fit enough? – If you can walk for 45 minutes you will be fine. Our walk leaders will ensure that nobody is left behind. Check with your GP if you have any concerns.

How long will I be walking for? – We will start at 45 minutes and then build up to an hour.

Where will we go? – There are lots of places of interest in Oswaldtwistle, each week you will visit one!

What do we do after the walk? – It’s up to you! The cafe at the Coach House will be open and our walk leaders will be found in there, chatting away with other Sport Walkers. We really hope you’ll join them. The social element is a big part of this simple initiative.

I’ve never heard of Sport Walking, how did it come about? – Rick Wilson is the founder of a huge Couch to 5K programme and co-founder of Be Strong. He was out one afternoon when he saw a lady who was walking on the pavement with a real sense of purpose. She was aged around 50, wearing trainers, Lycra leggings and a bright purple sports top. She was clearly walking to improve her health, and possibly to lose a little bit of weight.

Rick was so impressed with what he saw! He immediately thought that if he could get his 70-year-old mum dong this with friends, she could possibly lose weight, improve her mobility and have a chance of no longer needing the walking stick she was using to help her get around. He wrote a gradual walking plan and encouraged people to try it, so he could try to convince his reluctant mum to join in too. He called it ‘Sport Walking’.

What’s the difference between ‘Sport Walking’ and ‘Walking’? – Sport Walking is designed to raise your heart rate and its purpose is to help people become fitter and healthier. In simple terms this means that you will walk slightly brisker than normal. It’s inclusive because many of us will be capable of joining in and its very social too. One man is being pushed in his wheelchair by Sport Walkers – how cool is that?

Ok, I’m getting slightly interested now, what kit will I need? – We suggest a good pair of trainers, socks, leggings or shorts, t-shirt or vest and a shower proof jacket. When the temperature drops you may need a sweatshirt, gloves and a hat. In poor lighting it is essential that you wear high visibility clothing; something that reflects.

Are there any rules? – Yes! No headphones. Sport Walking is a very social activity – it’s good to talk! It’s also a good idea to consult your GP if you have any health concerns. Show them this page.