Weekly Workplace Group

Set up your weekly group

The most important thing you need to do is to organise your weekly Be Strong group. It’s not too complicated and you only need one or two enthusiastic people to make it work.

Agree the day, time and location for the weekly meeting

Book a room and time where you will meet. Try hard to book the same room, at the same time, each week. It’s really helpful that people know where and when you meet, and it doesn’t change too much.

Publicise it!

Send out emails or group messages to spread the word, and make sure it’s discussed at team meetings and included in internal bulletins and newsletters.

Use our posters to let everyone know what the group is about, and when and where you meet each week. Tell them who the group leaders are and who to contact to find out more information.

If you display posters absolutely everywhere, it will make it a big deal. One poster on a noticeboard just won’t cut it.

Download your poster

Set up instructions and Weight Record Sheet

Invite Staff to Take Up a Free Membership