Rachel lost weight to be a good role model for her children!

“So many people have used our Be Strong programmes with incredible results. If you’re a young mum, like I was, then it’s so important that you change things around so the whole family benefits. We will focus on helping you to never regain any weight you lose, there’s no going back now.”
Rachel Wilcock

I don’t like the term ‘diet’ but I’m a firm believer that we need to change the way we think about food and activity to achieve long term success. As a busy mum of two young children I know how important motivation and planning is in achieving your goals.

I have lost over 5 stones, kept it off for many years and strongly believe I can help you to achieve success. If, like me, you’d tried everything else what have you got to lose.

I always struggled with my weight right from being a young teenager. Always very body conscious and ashamed of how I looked. I came from a very active family, but somehow I felt I hadn’t inherited those genes. My dad was a marathon and fell runner for many years, and my mum was always really slim, and my little brother just never sat still. I was the complete opposite. I hated exercise! And I mean hated it!!!

As I grew older and met my husband and settled down, contentment set in and my weight just increased. I must have gained a dress size a year. I remember getting a lecture off the midwife when I was pregnant with my first child, that I must not use pregnancy as a reason to gain more weight and end up even bigger afterwards. So I really tried during pregnancy to eat healthily, for the baby and so as not to gain weight. But it didn’t help and I was the size of a small family dwelling by the time I was due to give birth… not a neat little bump and minimal weight gain like everyone dreams of.

So, I didn’t want my new daughter to grow up and have a negative role model in me. I wanted her to be healthy and most of all be body confident. To do that, I had to change. I had to become that positive role model.

And that’s what it was for me, that was my ‘lightbulb moment’, I learned about food and what it gave me, and most of all started moving more.

My second pregnancy meant I gained lots of weight too, but this time I knew I would lose it, and my journey would continue. So as soon as I could I was moving as much as possible, getting out walking, exercising and ensuring I was eating healthily.

I am now a different person to the one I was before I had children. I have energy, I am positive, and the best feeling of all, I know I am a good role model for my children. I love exercise and the feeling I get from it, and another bonus, I am no longer ashamed of what I look like. I am proud to be me!

The Be Strong way changed my life for the better in so many ways. I want you to feel the way I do.