Man Up – the Be Strong group aimed at men!

Most of you reading this page will be aware that our members enjoy incredible success. It’s not all about losing weight, feeling healthier and getting fitter. It’s as much about developing new friendships and being part of something that has really sound values and ethics.

Why a men only group?

Paul Hammerton – Accrington Group

We’ve tried lots of different things to try and encourage more men to join Be Strong. Check out Paul and Damian’s transformations!

Feedback from men has been that they trust us, would love to come along, but feel that Be Strong is very much a “girls environment” – and not somewhere they would feel comfortable coming to.

So, we’ve removed that barrier and opened our doors to our ‘Man Up!’ session, every Wednesday, 7:30pm to 8:30pm at Accrington.

We’ve looked at the offering for men who want to lose a bit of weight and get fitter. There’s a few options such as the gym, personal trainers, team activities etc.

However, there’s not much out there that concentrates specifically on the correct nutrition for you, activities you enjoy, camaraderie, mindset, motivation and inspiration to get you to where you want to be. We put everything under one roof for you, in a package that’s designed to get the job done, at an affordable price.

What will we have you doing?

Damian Wild – Darwen Group

When you get there we will weigh you, this will set the scene for where you are now, and a goal you can aim to achieve in the near future. We’ll constantly revise this.

We will provide  you with personalised nutritional programmes to follow. You eat the food you like, in moderation. If you like to eat more in the evenings you can join our 5pm programme. If you like to indulge at weekends you can use our Weekender programme.

Each week we hold a workshop discussion which aims to improve your mindset, whilst also applying logic and reason to the things we ask you to try. It’s usually funny, humorous, brutally honest – and for this ‘Man Up’ session, we may even use the odd swear word!

Finally we will exercise you – we’re good at this bit!

You’ll do it together, shout, swear, hate us, love us, laugh and you will even enjoy it! One thing we can absolutely guarantee, if you stick with us, you will make friends for life. You’ll achieve beyond your wildest expectations, and you will never go back.

Are women allowed to come to this session?

Yes they are. Although this session is designed for the ‘male environment’, some females are also most suited to that too.

Where and when is it?

Every Wednesday

St. Christopher’s CE School, Queen’s Road West, Accrington, Lancashire BB5 4AY

Session – 7:30pm to 8:30pm

(This session is predominantly aimed at males, although females are welcome to attend)

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Guest Pass

If you prefer to check us out before signing up, please show this guest pass in print, or on your mobile device, at the desk. It will allow you to attend one session free to see what we’re about.