December Hydration Challenge

Be kind to yourself and take on our Hydration Challenge! Hydration is often the one thing that we forget about but gives us the most benefits!

There are many benefits to keeping hydrated and you can read more about those in detail in this article.

Party season is a great time to focus on hydration, because it is something we can still do when we are busy. Just make sure you take a bottle of water with you, wherever you go.

Particularly for this time of year, you will benefit from staying hydrated as it will help to:

  • keep our skin looking fresh and plump in the cold weather, and while the heating is on full whack indoors
  • help to reduce the after effects of those Christmas nights out
  • help your tummy to feel full to prevent you from snacking on too many Christmas treats
  • help to energise you when you are flagging at the busiest time of year
  • flush out toxins from the over indulgences

So track your hydration throughout December, in the Water tracker, and see what benefits it has for you!

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I try to drink as much as possible. I find I get headaches when I don’t drink enough. And I am now trying drinking a pint of cordial if I feel hungry to see if that helps.

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