November Round-Up

November has been a bit of an odd month with the pair of us coming down with Covid, and having to isolate for the statutory ten days. I think it made us both appreciate the fact that we were double jabbed and that we were both fit, strong and healthy, allowing our bodies to fight it.

Aside from that we have had a great month, with groups being busier than usual for this time of year, which gives us a real boost and we are looking forward to the New Year when hopefully we will get to welcome back lots of old members and meet some new ones.

We have released our lifelong program and are pleased to be able to let members have a hard copy of these programs at a discounted rate at our groups. So if you haven’t got yours, make sure you get one!!

We have also been working behind the scenes on what Be Strong will look like in the New Year, and have plans for re-opening our Darwen group (Thursdays 6.15pm at Darwen Vale High School from January), and hopefully the Clitheroe group too. We have a new program for you in the New Year, which is perfect for a January kick-start after the festive indulgences. The ‘Eat Clean’ Program is a 4-week program which eliminates processed foods, caffeine and other ‘junk’ and nourishes your body with whole foods, that have been picked for their health giving properties. The program also helps you to establish some other good habits too, which means you will be looking after yourself a little more – just what we all need to get us through the cold winter months, in tip top condition.


This months articles have focused on some of our habit transformations from the Lifelong program, to give you a little taste as to what the Lifelong program is all about.

First of all we looked at recording what we eat – why and how we should do it. With the focus being on establishing the behaviour, rather than judging ourselves about what we are actually eating. If you want to refresh your memory on this, you can read the article again here.

Next up was hydration. We believe that keeping hydrated and recording your food are the two most important habits to establish when you are looking to change your lifestyle and lose weight. Hands down, they are the two habits that will give you the best results. If you need a reminder as to why staying hydrated, and why we should establish it as a routine is good for you, you can read it here.

Finally last week, we discussed the Stages of Behaviour Change, which for us is a fascinating subject, as it really helps us to help you. Once we know where we are on the Behaviour Change continuum, we can work on moving along it, to that all important ‘Action’ stage. The article explains what each stage is, and how you can move along to the next stage, until you are in ‘Maintenance’. If you feel like you are struggling at the moment, the knowledge that this article gives you, may just give you the impetus to gain some traction and start moving forward.


This month’s walk took place on Sunday 7th November, where we joined the 7th Annual Milly’s Smiles Walk, in memory of Milly Walmsley, and to celebrate her 18th birthday. It was a fantastic turn out from both Be Strongers and supporters of Milly’s Smiles, and we walked 5 miles along a lovely woodland and canal route, to return to Milly’s Smiles/Be Strong HQ for delicious pie and peas for lunch and a licensed bar. Although the event isn’t intended to be a fundraising event, £1000 was raised for the charity, which will help them in continuing their amazing work supporting families of newly diagnosed children with cancer.

Group goings on

Our Weekly Check-ins are proving popular and we love reading them and sharing them with you all, if you allow us to. This month we have had some great tips and achievements and lots of you drilling down your focus for the following week.

  • Sarah has found the veg box to be a life saver for her – reducing the unhealthy snacking and keeping her tummy full.
  • Rachael is expanding her kitchen repertoire by trying one new recipe a week. Remember there are some great recipes in your premium recipe packs and in our recipe database, so if you need some inspiration check them out.
  • Quite remarkably for November we have had a good number of Wristbands issued this month. It’s really amazing to see how dedicated all you guys are, and how your dedication will inspire others to keep doing the do.
  • Corinne has had an operation but has maintained focus and kept it in perspective, by telling herself it’s not forever, and it’s not a reason to eat cake! She also reminded us all that ‘standing up food’ still has calories!
  • Lots of you were pledging to drink more water, following our hydration habit challenge article and talk.
  • Tony, a self confessed non runner, not 2 years ago, ran the length of the Blackpool Illuminations. Huge well done on that Tony, we hope you enjoyed your chippy tea at the end.
  • After receiving her first #onestonegone band, Claire Gerrard didn’t even step off the wagon for her birthday the following week, with the only indulgence being a small chocolate honeycomb bar, that a friend gave her for her birthday! That is some awesome dedication Claire – well done!
  • Claire Tulloch told us how she needs to focus on looking after herself -eating food that nourishes, limiting caffeine, getting exercise and plenty of sleep. This is music to our ears, because we know how important these things are but how easy it is for things like this to slip. We could all probably take a leaf out of Claire’s book, especially now as Christmas approaches.


Remarkably for this time of year, we have had a flurry of wristbands, which is just brilliant! We love that you are still so dedicated even when the days get colder and the nights get darker.

Here’s a few of our wristband photos from the past month…

Cath at Accrington Group
Claire who usually attends Blackburn group, but made a special trip to Accrington to collect her band
Julie from our Gt Harwood and Accrington groups
Rachael from our Blackburn group and Friday Wellness Walks

Coming up!

Articles, Knowledge and Films

As it is December, our thoughts obviously turn to Christmas, so next month we are having a focus on managing our lifestyle through the festive period, and also sharing some knowledge on Christmas Calories with our articles and knowledge topics.

December Walk

The December walk will take place on Sunday 5th December, from HQ at 11am and will be a 4 mile walk which should take around 1 hour to an hour and a half. As ever families, friends and well behaved dogs are welcome. And we will be opening up Be Strong HQ on our return to get the kettle on, so we would love it if you could bring a picnic then we can all have a brew and something to eat before we depart.

With the changing weather, sturdy shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty will be essential, as will a warm and waterproof coat.


We will also be celebrating Christmas in style at the Be Strong Christmas Do on Saturday 11th December. The venue is Dolly’s Tea Rooms, in Darwen, who really know how to party, and will be supplying us with some amazing food and I am sure copious amounts of drinks! There are still tickets available, so if you haven’t got one, and would like one, please get yours here. Tickets cost £35 and include a 5 course meal and dancing! If you wish to bring a plus one, they are most certainly welcome, so you can purchase additional tickets for anyone extra you wish to bring.

And finally…

Thanks once again for being your amazing selves, remaining dedicated and focused on your goals, and if you aren’t as focused as you would like to be, that’s ok too- thank you and well done for sticking around – your time will come again!

Good luck for the coming month, December is always such a busy time, so make sure you take some time to look after yourselves – be more Claire! And the Christmas playlist will definitely be on at groups!

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I love reading your articles as well as the knowledge films they both have so much in them and make me continue to feel part of the Be Strong community 💕🐝💪🏽

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