Circuit Breaker Schedule

This has been a really challenging year for you all, and we’re totally focussed on supporting you, as best as we possibly can, through this pandemic.

The first time lockdown came we were as unprepared as anybody, but we learned so much from what worked well and what wasn’t as successful. We’re fortunate that we can apply that to how we continue to operate throughout this next period.

This week!

The Chief Medical Officer is advising that we don’t meet in groups and we don’t mix households. One of the main reasons this lockdown is being introduced from Thursday, is to let businesses run down perishable stock so they don’t lose out financially, and to make contingency plans.

The decision we arrived at has been heart-breaking for us, but we’ve decided not to open up our Tuesday and Wednesday groups to you this week (3/11/20 and 4/11/20). It’s been so tempting to run for one last week so we can see you, but it just doesn’t sit well with our ethics and values, which is to always put you first, and to unconditionally act in your best interests.

We know you’ll be disappointed, but please be totally assured that the health and wellbeing of you all, is always at the forefront of our minds.

The Lockdown Period

We know for certain that this lockdown will not be lifted until 2nd December 2020, at the very earliest. This time around we’ve decided not to overwhelm you with lots of things, multiple times per day. Our support during this period will offer you choice, variety and the amazing Be Strong community environment will still be freely flowing through it.

Your New Circuit Breaker Team Launches on Thursday 5th November!

Join our team and use the Be Strong Circuit Breaker to establish a healthier routine that will give you some really big wins!

The Circuit Breaker is really simple to follow which makes it very achievable.

How it works!

1 -Abstinence!

You will choose to do without something that you know is causing you problems. You may be lucky and it may only be one thing, or like me, you may choose a group of things to not have until at least the 2nd of December. I’ll be choosing to do without Alcohol, Bread, Sweets and Chocolate – I’ve let them slowly creep back into my life until they’ve become a permanent fixture again!

2 – Activity Routine

Every day you must complete 20 minutes of continuous exercise. This can be absolutely anything of your choosing, the only guidance is that the activity must be planned and be continuous. You will post your activity each day on the team’s group discussion wall.

3 – Weekly Meeting

Every Monday we will meet up as a team, via Zoom! The meeting will be led by Chiara Mansfield, who advises on Be Strong’s psychology based approaches. You’ll receive an email inviting you to the meeting so you wont miss out. You don’t have to switch your camera on whilst attending the meeting, we know some people are put off by the camera so just leave it off.

We’ll be in touch soon with joining instructions!

Be Strong November Timetable

We’re introducing some new features!!

1 – A new Balance and Stretch Session every Wednesday evening to improve your posture, flexibility, mobility and relieve back and joint pain!

2 – At the Private Zoom Room Weigh you can provide us with your new weight, we will enter it into the system and have a private discussion with you at the same time.

3 – Every Sunday there will be a Weekly Themed Walk. You can plan ahead and be as creative as possible! This month we have a river, historic, hill and a canal walk for you. You plan your own routes and distance but they must include the week’s theme!

The new weekly timetable is as follows: –




Circuit Breaker Team Meeting (ZOOM)
Live HIIT Session
Private Zoom Room Weigh with Rick and Rachel
Weekly Meeting + Live Balance and Stretch Session (ZOOM)
Self Care Day
Self Care Day
Self Care Day
Themed Weekly Walk
8/11/20 River | 15/11/20 Historic | 22/11/20 Hill | 29/11/20 Canal

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