Introducing Success

Give up on giving up!

We often have conversations with people who tell us that they have no will power, or patience to get the job done. They know what to do  but they are easily distracted or they just can’t stick to things. This negative self-image often comes from the fact that we have tried and failed at things in the past. But what is so important to understand, is that this past failure isn’t because you’re just rubbish, it’s just because you didn’t have the right plan, or you tried to do too many things at once.  To start to experience success you need to get the right goal and the right plan in place to achieve that goal. Make achieving success a little bit easier and when you start to achieve, your self confidence and self belief will increase, giving you more strength and resolve to try something even more challenging.

Have you have tried to lose weight many times and find success hard to come by? Maybe you’re looking for success in the wrong place?

Why not try working through one of these smaller goals each week and see if you can tick them off as completed?  If you find they work for you then why not keep them going for good?  Once you have mastered one goal, and it has become a habit, add another, and so on, until you are living your life the way you want to.

  • Goal Idea – Close the kitchen each night at 8pm and don’t reopen it until breakfast
  • Goal Idea – Take the stairs at work instead of the lift
  • Goal Idea – Clear out your cupboards of all your ‘trigger foods’
  • Goal Idea – Introduce the 1 mile rule! If the round trip journey is less than 1 mile you walk it.
  • Goal Idea – No chocolate, cakes, biscuits or sweets week
  • Goal Idea – Take part in an additional Be Strong HIIT session each week either on line or at group
  • Goal Idea – Keep a food diary
  • Goal Idea – Write a weekly exercise plan and follow it
  • Goal Idea – Cut up all your food at every meal and eat slowly, stop eating when you are full
  • Goal Idea – Drink 750 ml water before every meal
  • Goal Idea – Eat your five a day, every day
  • Goal Idea – Create a menu for your kitchen and eat from it each day
  • Goal Idea – Walk for one hour on three days, walk for 30 mins on the other four days
  • Goal Idea – 10 min Be Strong HIIT session alternating 2 of your favourite exercises every day
  • Goal Idea – Do a no cheese week
  • Goal Idea – Sign up to a Be Strong challenge
  • Goal Idea – Prepare your next day’s breakfast and lunch the night before, every day
  • Goal Idea – Eat to your calories every day
  • Goal Idea – Add weights to your Be Strong HIIT sessions
  • Goal Idea – No alcohol week
  • Goal Idea – Track your calories every single day (even weekends) for ONE week
  • Goal Idea – Join a Couch to 5k group!

Many people would try to do a combination of all of these at once, its impossible. We advise you to try one, then repeat the ones you enjoy.  Then use these ideas and some of your own, to create your next 6 months plan. Introduce each one individually and you will find that not only will you have success, because you can devote the time and energy to one thing, you will also subconsciously learn these new behaviours.

The success you are really chasing will start to come if you start to focus on what’s important rather than everything at once.

This week!

Take a step back. What is the one single most important thing that you need to do to start to experience success. Focus on that for one week only, see how you do. Putting all your energy into just one thing instead of a hundred, can have a massive impact on your success levels. Then build on it and take it from there.  Success is quite literally weeks away!

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