Maintaining a healthy weight

If you’re happy with your weight then that’s great – so what do you do next? This is the biggest risk area for most people who reach ‘the end’ of their journey. The reason it’s risky is evidenced in the stats. One report claims that 80% of people who attain a goal weight will regain weight within 2 years, and 84% will regain weight within 5 years. There are far more people who regain the weight they lost than there are who manage to keep it off.

The main reason is they assume they have reached the end, when in fact, they’re not even halfway there. The journey lasts a lifetime.

We all have a plan to get to the stage where the weight has gone, but not so many have a plan for after that. This is the most important plan to have so if you haven’t got one then its a good idea to start making one now.

Things to include in your plan


What will I eat?

We hope that you will stick to healthier, lower calorie choices. What’s the point in learning about nutrition if we’re not going to carry it on through life.

Amazingly tasty food and drink doesn’t have to rely on huge calorie content. You already learned that!

Why not continue to eat as you have been doing – do things really need to change? The only thing that may have changed here is your own outlook and attitude. You could take your foot off the gas, your eye of the ball but ask yourself why.

Does it not matter any more?

Plan ahead

How will you ensure you continue to eat in a controlled manner. This is best described as where you are in control of the food you eat, not the other way around. You will need to have an idea of what to eat, when to eat it and how much to eat. Don’t let the food and drink take control back, it will if you let it!


How much will you need to increase portion sizes? Do you know or are you going to risk it by guessing, or winging it?

Why not take a ‘Check it before you wreck it book’ and track your new increased maintenance calories for 3 weeks so you get your new portion control perfect. It worked for you last time. When you think about this, the hard work has been done and you acknowledge its the riskiest time for you – they why would you choose not to use the book again?

A treat is defined as ‘an item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure’. Rick Wilson

Make sure that treats stay just that. Having a treat daily, or hourly, is far from out of the ordinary. Isn’t that what got you into gaining weight in the first place. Don’t go back to doing what you always used to do, it’s a slippery slope. A treat a day soon becomes habit then one a day just doesn’t cut it, you’re soon eating them constantly.


Keep moving

When will you exercise? What will you do? Where will it be? Who will it be with? How long will it be for? Is it enough – will you cut it back or increase it?

Did you solely do it to help lose weight so now you will stop as the weight has gone? Will you take your foot off the gas or will you remain just as focused?

Make a manageable plan and include in in who you are and what you do. This is the new you, its how its always going to be.


Keep a check on your weight

You should by now have agreed a lower and upper weight for yourself. You will need to know exactly where you are in those tolerances at least every couple of weeks. You should be comfortable with looking at stats relating to yourself by now. Use the information wisely. if the scales are going up then the calories need to come down. If you’re maintaining then all is cool. If you’re still losing then increase your calories. Remember, you’re now in control – not the food!

Keep interested

Always set goals, have aspirations, be a good role model and advocate for eating better, moving more and living your life differently. You will inspire others to be successful and prove that the ethos of Be Strong ensures that we continue this for life. Before we know it we will have turned the obesity epidemic on its head and you will have made a significant contribution to your own and your family and friends health forever.

In summary

  • You will still need to know your calories.
  • Its a great idea to regularly ensure that your weight is in your agreed range.
  • Manage treats so they don’t become a habit. Once they become a habit they are no longer treats, remember what the definition is!
  • Don’t let food and drink take control of your mind and body ever again.
  • Keep moving! Have a plan with where, what, when, who with and how long? Make sure its enough and manageable.
  • Never stop dreaming. Always have goals and aspirations. Try to achieve beyond peoples reasonable expectations of you. If you do want to achieve things make a plan to ensure you don’t just talk about them.
  • Stay connected with Be Strong – all of the above is what we are. We’re a lifestyle group that’s to support you for life. Weight loss and weight maintenance is just a by product of what we do.


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