Want to lose 1 stone? Read how..


  • You will need to show lots of Motivation, Dedication, Commitment and Sacrifice – this will take up more of your time so free some up!


  • You will not lose weight at the same rate as others, everybody is different.
  • A bigger person may lose more than a smaller person – it’s all relative.
  • Every maintain, or small loss, is a step closer to your goal and the opposite direction to where you’ve been heading.
  • Keep it in perspective.


  • If you are inactive then WALK more, take the STAIRS, just get MOVING!
  • If you’re already doing that then UP YOUR GAME! Walk FURTHER and FASTER, JOG upstairs.
  • What exercise are you NOT doing that you COULD do?
  • STOP making EXCUSES!
    • Let the activity decide whether you can actually do it or not – don’t decide that you CAN’T from your sofa!
  • Exercise will help you to lose weight, keep weight off and feel great!


  • If you don’t know your calories to lose weight, per each meal, then you are WINGING IT!
  • If you do what you’ve always done and go from eating massive portions, extra meals, loads of snacks, alcohol, deep fried foods, desserts, sweets and takeaways, to JUST eating lean white meat, fish and salad leaves – you will fail …miserably!
  • You NEED to eat carbs and balanced meals!
    • Carbs are not the devil, you need them to fuel your body.
  • If you just eat ‘chicken and leaves’ you will PUT BACK ON any weight you are LUCKY enough to lose, its not sustainable!
  • You WILL be back to a new weight management group because Be Strong, like all the others, didn’t work for you!
  • Your eating plan this month should be the same one you will use for the other 11 months of the year, and for the rest of your life.
  • ALL of our SUCCESSFUL members know their own calorie needs and EAT FOOD THEY LOVE – join them!


  • Throw out all the CRAP FOOD in your cupboards and give it to the FOOD BANK.
  • Do it TODAY, otherwise you will just EAT IT ALL UP so it’s gone!!
  • KNOW where to get balanced food ON THE GO!
  • Don’t use being OUT OF ROUTINE as an EXCUSE!


If you follow this very honest advice, then you will improve your chances of success. Please remember though, it isn’t specific to losing one stone. It’s relevant to the first stone you lose, the last stone you lose and every single stone in between! Good luck on your journey and we hope to share in your success.

Rick is telling it straight here but he’s also smiling a lot whilst typing it – please take this article in the spirit it’s intended. We just want to help you.

Rachel Wilcock

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