The Be Strong challenge for May 2018!

  • Can you get motivated enough to commit to walking or jogging for a continuous 3 miles on every day of the month?
  • Can you show extreme dedication by completing the task every single day?
  • Can you make sacrifices by replacing other things with the 3 miles?
  • Can you Be Strong for the whole of May?

If you can it may just be a game changer for you!

Starts on Tuesday 1st May 2018!

Facebook event for Be Strong members: –


Facebook event for non Be Strong members: –


Rick and Rachel say

“This is a great opportunity to create a new routine in your life where you can be successful for every single day of the month. You could take the whole family out for a walk, push a pram or a wheelchair, go for a jog or run – the possibilities are endless and it won’t just be you that’s benefiting!

We would really encourage you to take on this challenge as a group. Encourage and support each other and show everybody that you can become motivated, demonstrate commitment, display dedication and make sacrifices. We all have these qualities, no natural talent is required! You can do this!

At Be Strong we know that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things – this could be your first step to joining them!”

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