Lifestyle Change Tips

1. Attitude:

The most important tool is your attitude. Set yourself up to win with a positive attitude. Also, adopt an attitude of gratitude; we have so much to be thankful for. Be thankful for the abundance of healthy food choices you have every day and for fresh water. Be thankful for your body and the ability to move it. When you resonate with these thoughts, you will attract magic (and results) into your life.

2. Environment:

Set up your environment. If you want to make a change in your life— whether it’s losing weight or eating healthy—you need to surround yourself with an atmosphere that is aligned with your goals. Stock your fridge with healthy foods, and remove all the ‘guilty’ foods from your cupboards, fridge and freezer. Buy trainers, sports gear, a set of weights, yoga mat or an exercise machine, and clear a space (in your home and your diary) that is dedicated to your realistic exercise program.

3. Dedication:

Stick to your program! Try not to get discouraged or let others bring you down. Losing weight is not easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen. You are making a lifestyle change; have comfort knowing you will soon be healthier than you’ve ever been.

4. Make Health a Habit:

Losing weight isn’t just dieting or going to the gym once in a while. It’s a lifestyle change – it needs to become part of your new routine. You have to want to do it, and commit to it. Habits take a minimum of 21 days to form. Get past the first two to four weeks of the change in diet and activity level; then you are in a much better place.

5. Be Open:

Don’t be afraid to try new foods, activities, and ways of thinking. There are tons of different kinds of fruits and vegetables, and healthy recipes; have fun and experiment. For your workouts, find something that you really enjoy doing; try new activities. When you love what you are doing, you are more likely to stick to it! Working out should never be boring and painfully repetitive.

6. Informed Choice:

Make every calorie count. If it’s not going to benefit you by nourishing you, then don’t eat it!

7. Support:

Surround yourself with people who encourage and believe in you; this is the key to success in all aspects of your life.

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