Diet vs Lifestyle

Be Strong – Lifestyle Transformation Programme

Many people end up abandoning perfectly good lifestyle transformation programmes before they’ve even got started. In this we will also include the more traditional style of ‘diet’ groups and clubs!

Why? Because in a world filled with fast food, over the top marketing and a whole society full or conflicting advice and opinions, anything without a quick payoff goes against the grain of the typical UK instant gratification ethic.

While it would be nice to actually drop inches in just a few days like most of the miracle ads proclaim, managing weight and losing weight through a variety of subtle lifestyle transformations is a slow and steady process that takes time, dedication and commitment.

That is why Be Strong endorses the idea of lifestyle transformation, rather than simply introducing you to a ‘diet’ programme. Be Strong helps you to maintain a physically fit body, whilst at the same time, enjoying and living a happy, contented life.  We give you the chance to strike a balance between exercise and nutrition, and make exercise, whether it’s HIIT, team sports, jogging, cycling or walking, something you will truly enjoy and participate in most days.

We promote the concept that making long-term healthy lifestyle changes is essential to keeping the pounds off once they are gone – forever! We believe that your success with Be Strong will last a lifetime, and that’s why it’s worth the effort to hang in there, especially when the going gets tough – because it will!

Don’t give up

Staying fit and healthy can be a long and winding road and there are instances where you may find your enthusiasm fading. This is totally normal and you should not let this detract from your long term goal. In fact, the smart person will plan for it. Then when it comes, you will already know how to respond. This is the time when you need to dig deep, to be at your very strongest and up your game considerably.

The other option is to give in, to go back 20 steps and throw away all that you have achieved in the weeks and months before.
This is exactly what Rachel and Rick used to do, when the going got tough, we simply quit!! Not anymore, we meet it head on, refuse to be beaten – and you can do it too!!

Our programme works, if it doesn’t for you then it’s not the programme, it’s you.

This is not a criticism, its normal – we attended groups for years and never followed their programmes, we just did our own thing, turned up, crossed our fingers, got weighed and eventually blamed the programme when we didn’t see any results!

We honestly believe that you should not give up on Be Strong. We are absolutely certain that its the best plan out there, it’s only £2.82 per week and once you have achieved your goal we honestly believe that you will never ever completely slip back into the old habits that brought you to us in the first place.

The people who have been successful with Be Strong have followed our principles – so here’s a reminder!

  1. Have you set a goal?
    1. Is it clear?
    2. Can it be measured?
    3. Is it realistic?
    4. Does it set out the steps you need to put in place to achieve it?
    5. Does it state when you will achieve it by?
  2. Do you know your daily calorie total to lose 1-2lbs per week and how it breaks down into different meals?
  3. Have you created a meal plan?
  4. Do you have a written weekly exercise plan which you are following?

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