Skinny Coffee!

People will try anything to stay slim! There are some pretty outrageous diets out there – the latest? Apparently a particular type of coffee bean!

Skinny Coffee

The fad diet that’s got tongues wagging with 172,000 followers on Instagram!? Simply, it’s a miracle coffee which will not only drop weight by increasing metabolism, it will also be awesome for your skin and reduce wrinkles! What’s involved? Cash, lots of it at £24.95 per month!

This is just another example of a gimmick health food that is not backed by any reliable evidence and comes with no approved health claim.

Registered nutritionist Rob Hobson, who analysed the coffee, says ‘I wouldn’t hedge your bets on this coffee being a quick solution to losing weight as there is no such thing. The only thing that is going to significantly speed up your metabolism is exercise and increasing your ratio of muscle to fat.

The most effective way to lose weight is to make changes to your diet and get active – and of course the most effective weight loss diet is the one that you can stick to.’

Rick and Rachel feel really strongly about multi level marketing companies who prey on us when we’re often at our most vulnerable. They tell us they have the key to our success, the only key they hope they have is the one to our bank accounts! Please stick to Rob’s advice and always say a firm no to these ‘miracle’ solutions.

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