We Specialise In Helping Your Staff to Lead healthier lifestyles

In addition, we make it fun, enjoyable, empowering & non intrusive whilst still being incredibly powerful and effective!

Boost Your Staff’s Wellbeing, Motivation & Overall Health!

We can offer a range of solutions to positively impact your employees lifestyles, using innovative & evidence based approaches that are endorsed by psychologists at two major UK Universities.

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“The Price Of Doing What We’ve Always Done, Usually Far Outweighs The Cost of Change”

Are you an employer that’s constantly..

  • Worrying that your staff don’t always lead the healthiest lifestyles
  • Concerned that your employees are stuck in a cycle of poor and unhealthy habits
  • Seeing poor food choices consistently made by people that would benefit from better ones
  • Wanting the best for your workforce but unsure how to get the right support for them
  • Noticing that staff don’t always make effective time for themselves during the working day
  • Thinking about what would happen to your organisation if you lost great staff through burn-out or ill health

Are you also noticing that..

  • Your current employee wellbeing program isn’t as popular as you would like and may not be delivering the results you expected?
  • You’re constantly spending time researching options that will bridge the gap?
  • A large proportion of your staff can be visually identified as being in a unhealthy BMI range?
  • Your staff need to be motivated to make changes to their eating habits and how often they exercise?

What if Your New Employee Wellbeing Partner Was… At Your Fingertips?

Go from this..

  • Feeling worried that you always want the best for your staff and can’t deliver the right solution
  • Struggling with staff satisfaction surveys that don’t always reflect the enormous amount of effort that you put in
  • Experiencing staff with high BMI rates who are at increased risk of disease, illness & burnout

To this..

  • Feeling satisfied that your staff are accessing the right solution that will deliver the results you expect
  • Enjoying reading glowing testimonials about the various activities and personal achievements that emanate from your wellbeing program
  • Having a strong, motivated and healthy workforce that’s maintained & supported by your new culture

Get Set To Boost Your Staff’s Wellbeing, Motivation & Overall Health!

In addition, your new culture will be extremely popular and effective

Face To Face Support

We’ve spent years developing, testing & optimising the most complete, proven and easy-to-follow programs for achieving incredible results, through effective lifestyle coaching strategies.

We will help your staff to learn many skills, from mindfulness to exercising to eating better. Most importantly, we will help them form habits that are long-lasting.

These sessions are best delivered face to face at your premises, at a day and time that best suits your environment.


At its core, our outreach helps organisations to function better and delivers equality to staff who may otherwise feel isolated and overlooked.

Quite often, these employees are working unsocial days and times which impacts on their ability to access healthy lifestyle support outside the workplace.

We can offer support to this section of your workforce in a face to face setting, via video call or 24/7 Digital.

24/7 Digital

It’s not always possible to deliver the correct support in person. This may be down to the sheer size, scale & logistical complexities of your operation, plus any financial constraints.

Our digital solution underpins everything we do at Be Strong, that’s because lifelong lifestyle transformations take time and should never be rushed. Therefore help, advice & support is often needed at any time of day or night.

24/7 Digital is there for your staff at the times they need us most.

What Others Are Saying

“I hold my hands up to being the Queen of diets – I’ve tried them all! From Slimming World to Slimfast, I’ve been there. Be Strong makes sense – create a calorie deficit and you’ll lose weight, it’s a maintainable way to live! No fads! No quick fix! Just strategies to live your life and enjoy the food you eat!

I can’t thank Rick and Rachel enough for their understanding, support and advice on my weight loss journey – I’ve a long way to go but I know that Be Strong will get me to where I want to be.

I can’t recommend Be Strong enough!”

Tracie Wilson, Teacher

“As a result of putting the advice given in to practice, I am fitter than I have ever been, the lightest I have ever been and I look forward to exercise in a way I never thought I would.

Be Strong is all inclusive, the advice is simple to follow, and the science works.

Everything is explained in easy, down-to-earth, normal terminology and the atmosphere is very friendly, really positive and welcoming.
If you want to change a few things in your life, give Be Strong a try.

If I can make a few positive changes and have a huge impact on my future, then so can you!”

Sid Makinson, Sound Engineer

“I cannot stress enough or sing their praises high enough.

Rick and Rachel are literally life changers, they are knowledgeable about losing weight and getting fitter, but they are more than that, they are empathetic, supportive and always available if you need more support, as I often do.”

Debbie Hurtley, Civil Servant

“Be Strong provides an evidence-based programme that moves away from the “quick fix” mentality and dependency that is unfortunately promoted by many commercial weight loss programmes. I would love to see more approaches like this rolled out across the UK.”

Dr Paula Watson, Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Health Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University

Be Strong Has Lots Of Options To Choose From..

..as you would expect, there could never be a ‘one size fits all’ option!

“Rick and Rachel are inspirational, they have created a challenging but fun and supportive environment that empowers people to make pretty amazing life changes.

I have lost weight and for the first time in many years I have attained a healthy body mass index and I am happy with the way I look. There is no deliberate complication of the message as with other weight loss organisations.”

Dr Mark Sloan, GP and Be Strong Member

NICE Standards

Please see the section below to see how Be Strong not only meets, but significantly exceeds NICE standards.

Helping people to decide on a realistic healthy target weight (usually 5-10% of their starting weight)

Our programme advises people to break down weight loss goals into small incremental stages. This makes them more attainable and achievable.

Aiming for a maximum weekly weight loss of 0.5 – 1kg

Be Strong programmes and nutritional advice follow the Harris Benedict formula to predict a daily calorie intake to maintain weight. We then apply a daily calorie deficit to result in a weekly weight loss of 0.5 – 1kg.

Focusing on long term lifestyle changes

We provide all our members with access to our Lifestyle Academy which focuses on adopting long term lifestyle and behaviour changes. The logic behind each strategy is fully explained during the course. Each module is completed by each member undertaking a knowledge test with the requirement of an 80% pass standard.

Addressing both diet and physical activity, and offering a variety of approaches using a balanced, healthy eating approach

We have a number of personalised nutrition and exercise programmes for members to access which address the importance of a multi faceted strategy  (nutrition, physical activity, increased knowledge and understanding) to increase the chances of a successful and sustainable long term lifestyle transformation.

Offering practical safe advice about being more active

Be Strong takes a really pragmatic approach to helping people to very gradually introduce exercise into their daily routine. We have a vast amount of experience of working with (previously) inactive people and are also founders of the UK’s largest, and most successful, Couch to 5K programme. We fully understand the importance of signposting people to the correct activity for them, where the environment is comfortable and the activity is effective.

Including some behaviour-change techniques, such as keeping a diary and advice on how to cope with ‘lapses; and high risk situations

Members are provided with a number of tools and programmes to cope with lapses and high risk situations. Our ‘5pm Programme’ caters for those who tend to lapse in the evenings, whilst the ‘Weekender Programme’ is for those who choose to continue socialising at the weekend. 

Weight Tracker records their weight, measurements and photographs their change in physical appearance (stamped with date and current weight).

Meal Tracker is very unique in that it is not only a Daily Diary of everything a member consumes – it is their own personal database which contains only their own food – fully calorie counted by themselves. Therefore it has dual effectiveness as an Educational tool, as well as a Meal Tracking tool.

We also encourage reflection through weekly progress logs, to allow members to reflect on their previous weeks progress and plan for the week ahead, increasing accountability and progress towards their goals.

Providing ongoing support

Members receive a series of on-boarding messages from Be Strong which share information, knowledge and learning around lifestyle transformation.  These are drip fed throughout the period of the membership.

Members have full access to our member only Facebook Group which is moderated by the Be Strong team. There is also access to our Premium Help Desk providing direct, private and confidential communication to us..

There is a monthly challenge which always focuses on adopting a behaviour change or new lifestyle habit.

In addition, every week, we send members a new knowledge topic, complete with video explainer, factsheet and full article. This provides something specific for members to focus on each week.

“Be Strong has changed my relationship with food, movement and my well being. The support from Rick and Rachel and the other Be Strong members is second to none. I highly recommend everyone joining and developing all the skills I have ?”

Jo Stokes, Retired Teacher

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