The People Behind the Program..

With a combined weight loss of 18st (252lbs), we fully understand the mindset of people that struggle to control their food and drink intake.

Since 2016, we’ve been committed to helping thousands of people to finally lose weight. We’ve been working with real people, just like you, who’ve achieved success beyond their wildest dreams.

Over time, we’ve continually developed and refined our program, with Liverpool John Moores and Leeds Universities supporting our work.

We’re incredibly proud to share our ‘Lifelong’ program with you.

Rick Wilson and Rachel Wilcock - Founders of Be Strong
Authors, Lifelong – Lifestyle Transformation Program

Many think you just do these to lose weight

  • Counting calories – it’s a good start but it’s not enough
  • Follow a strict diet – you will only be able to stick to this this for a short period of time
  • Exercise lots – this will likely lead to you eating way more than you should
  • Stop eating your favourite foods – it’s the fastest way to crack. We’ll find room for them!
  • Hire a personal trainer – only a very few have a true understanding of how the mind of a bigger person works
  • Buy diet pills – you will be risking much more than your money with these. Don’t ever do it!

..and that’s why 90% of diets end in failure

People will stick to a diet on average for just seven weeks in total, with both men and women seeing the most weight loss after the first five days.

But after that, it’s all downhill, with the vast majority aiming to shift more than 10lbs on a diet – however the reality is an average 5lb loss. Most of which will be put back on again shortly after giving up on the diet.

Why is that?

People achieve short term weight loss – but it will never be sustainable until the negative habits are stopped. Otherwise, they will consistently take you back to where you started.

Modern society demands everything instantaneously. When someone has weight to lose, they want to lose it as quickly as possible. That’s why so many people choose the wrong method and never experience any success at all.

How should I lose weight?

Start replacing the habits that cause you to gain weight, with more positive ones. In addition, you should start at a much slower pace, and gradually progress through the program.

You’ll experience consistent weight loss, improve your body shape, feel brighter and fitter. You will also lose more weight than you have ever done before and feel confident that your old habits will not return, to undermine all your hard work.

In summary, lifelong weight loss success is now within your reach. Our program is underpinned by psychology, evidence based, university endorsed and very easy to follow.

I am ecstatic about the focus on habits, particularly the use of implementation intentions and habit stacking.

Dr Alison Divine, University of Leeds

Do You Struggle to Stay Motivated?

Then this is for you.

The LIFELONG program incorporates psychological aspects, which help you adopt and maintain healthy behaviours, so you can continue living a healthy lifestyle for lifelong.

Ultimately, by using the psychological techniques explained in the program, you will establish healthier habits and behaviours, before moving on to achieve your ultimate goal of a healthy weight.

Plus, in doing so, you will experience a greater chance of long term success at weight loss, than by following a regular weight loss program.

Psychological elements in the program include:

  • Behaviour modification and monitoring
  • SMART principle
  • Implementation intentions
  • Habit stacking and triggers
  • Mindfulness
  • Action planning










where to find us

Be Strong, Unit 2, Alan Ramsbottom Way, Great Harwood, BB6 7UR.

Turn off Heys Lane into Alan Ramsbottom Way and we are the very first car park on your right hand side.

“I would love to see more approaches like this rolled out across the UK.

I’ve genuinely not come across a program that is so successful at helping individuals turn their lives around for good.”

Dr Paula Watson, Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Health Psychology,
Liverpool John Moores University

What Others Are Saying

“It’s easy to understand and I have lost over 5 stones in weight.

I’ve achieved goals I never thought I would reach and I feel happy in myself again.”

Nicola McCumskay, Nurse

“Rick and Rachel are inspirational, they empower people to make pretty amazing life changes.

There is no deliberate complication of the message as with other weight loss organisations.”

Dr Mark Sloan, GP

Get On Track To Achieving Your Ideal Weight Today!

Get great results by replacing the negative habits that constantly stop you hitting your weight loss goals.

This is a far more effective component of your weight loss strategy than simply following a diet or restricting the foods you love.

Ultimately, you will stay focused for the long term & the learning from the program will simply become a way of life for you.

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Your Lifelong Weight Loss Program Includes These Elements

Habit Transformation Program

Develop healthy, life-long habits that will leave you looking, feeling and performing at your best.

Habit Challenges

By changing your daily bad habits for improved and healthy habits, weight loss usually takes care of itself and impressive results can be achieved from this alone.

Habit Starter Kit

Habits allow us to go from ‘before’ to ‘after’ and make life easier and better. We provide you with a comprehensive toolkit to help you make the changes you need to succeed.

Lifelong Weight Loss Program

Everything you need to kick-start your fat loss journey while improving your health at the same time.

It contains all the key information and resources that you will need for sustainable and realistic weekly weight loss. Apply this and stay consistent to it and you will achieve great results.

Exercise Plans

We provide you with a comprehensive exercise program that can be completed by standing on the spot. It’s suitable for all abilities and there’s scope to customise the plan to suit your requirements.

Progress Records, Trackers, Diaries, Logs and More

All enhance mindfulness and self-awareness of our new behaviours. Behaviour monitoring is extremely effective in helping us identify our progress and opportunities.

Six Premium Recipe Packs

High Protein, Vegan, Low Carb, Vegetarian, Smoothie and 5 Ingredient Recipes

Personalised Nutrition

We calculate your optimum nutrition to achieve maximum weight loss that will be sustained over the longer term

Lifelong is affordable..

South Beach – £268/month

Nutrisystem – £336/month

Jenny Craig – £457/month


Take The Pressure And Frustration Out Of Losing Weight

Lifelong Weight Loss Program






You get everything in Digital, and in addition, you will attend our incredibly powerful, RESET RESTART Weight Loss Coaching class each week at the Be Strong Hive. If you’re serious about losing weight, this is the best plan for you.

  • ✓ Full Access To The Be Strong Web Portal
  • ✓ Reset Restart Weekly Weight Loss Classes
  • BODYROX & HIIT Exercise Classes
all-in membership





Our All-In membership includes everything in Digital & Coaching, plus you get access to our HIIT and BODYROX exercise classes at the Be Strong Hive. Perfect for those who are ready to reach a healthy weight, and achieve a good level of fitness at the same time.

  • ✓ Full Access To The Be Strong Web Portal
  • ✓ Reset Restart Weekly Weight Loss Classes
  • ✓ BODYROX & HIIT Exercise Classes

All this!

  • Weekly Coaching Group
  • Habit Transformation Program
  • Habit Challenges
  • Habit Starter Kit
  • Lifelong Weight Loss Program
  • Exercise Plan
  • Progress Records
  • Trackers
  • Diaries
  • Logs
  • 52 x High Protein Recipes (PDF)
  • 40 x Vegan Recipes (PDF)
  • 30 x Smoothie Recipes (PDF)
  • 40 x Low Carb Recipes (PDF)
  • 58 x Vegetarian Recipes (PDF)
  • 40 x 5-Ingredient Recipes (PDF)
  • Meal Plans
  • Shopping Lists
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Exercise Films
  • Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) Exercise Films
  • Personalised Nutrition





You will attend the group each week at the Be Strong Hive and access one to one weight loss coaching from Debbie, Rick & Rachel. If you’re serious about losing weight, this is the best plan for you.

  • ✓ Full Access To The Be Strong Web Portal
  • ✓ Weekly Weight Loss Classes
  • BODYROX & HIIT Exercise Classes
all-in membership





Our All-In membership includes everything in Coaching, plus you get access to our exercise classes at the Be Strong Hive. Perfect for those who are ready to reach a healthy weight, and achieve a good level of fitness at the same time.

  • ✓ Full Access To The Be Strong Web Portal
  • ✓ Weekly Weight Loss Classes
  • ✓ BODYROX & HIIT Exercise Classes

Not sure if the Lifelong Program is right for you?

Our Lifelong Program is NOT for everyone, and truth be told we’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s not right for you BEFORE you join rather than waste your time. So, let’s cut to the chase…

Who it IS for

  • Those who have tried to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle before, but haven’t been successful
  • People who have ‘plateaued’ and want to take their new healthier lifestyle to the next level
  • Anyone who has never lost weight before, and wants to experience the incredible exhilaration a new body and mind brings
  • Action takers, who aren’t just going to watch a few films, read a few programmes and never implement them. We provide the tools, learning and resources – but you still need to do the work!

Who it IS NOT for

  • People looking for a lose weight quick solution – if you think our Lifelong Program is going to make you lighter overnight, it’s not the right choice for you!
  • Idea chasers – if you’re constantly chasing the next idea and never getting anything off the ground, this isn’t a fit for you. The Lifelong Program takes commitment and focus
  • Anyone looking for a quick fix or not willing to dedicate time to the program. New lifestyles take time and effort to develop and manage.
  • People expecting guaranteed results – we know that the program works but we can’t guarantee it for you. It all depends on how well you follow the program.

Real People With A Story To Tell

“This has been life changing for me and many others.

Rick and Rachel know first hand what people are going through as they have been on the journey themselves!”

Louise Wylie, Teacher

“As a result of putting the advice given in to practice, I am fitter than I have ever been, the lightest I have ever been and I look forward to exercise in a way I never thought I would.”

Sid Makinson, Sound Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to wait before receiving my program?

When you sign into your new account with us, there are some basic questions to answer so we can perform some calculations. Once you’ve answered these, you will receive your printed program at your first session at the group.

How long will it take for me to lose weight?

The weight loss rate we promote on this program is equivalent to 105lbs per year, which translates to an impressive 7.5 stones or 47.62kg!

Will I not just put the weight back on like I’ve always done in the past?

We hope not. Our Lifelong Program gives you all the information you need to adjust your lifestyle and break the cycle of any bad eating habits you may have. Its a learning experience, best of all we keep it really simple all of the time.

Do I have to exercise or move more?

No – but we would love you to try!  We provide you with access to exercises, but if they’re not for you, then your program is more than enough to help you achieve success. 

Why should I sign up to the program today instead of waiting?

It’s time for you to take action. Simple as that. If you really want to have a successful, lifelong weight loss, then you need somewhere to get answers to all of your questions – especially the ones you don’t know you have yet.

If you really want to make a difference, the time is now.

Can I do this online without coming to your group?

Yes – you can purchase an electronic version of the program for £97 – contact us for more information.

“We’ve developed a phenomenal program that will help you learn how to lose weight the right way!

It becomes who you are and what you do, because it fits in with you.”

Rick & Rachel, Co-founders of Be Strong

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