Ultimate Programme

..for the final time!

Whether it’s your first attempt to transform your life, or the latest one – this will be the final time!

The ‘Ultimate’ programme is only offered when Rick & Rachel have availability and gives you one to one time (in a morning or afternoon session) with one or both of them.

You’ll work together to develop: –

  1. An Eat Plan – Your own nutrition programme that contains things that you really like eating and drinking. It will be the right fit for you and will last the distance!
  2. A Move Plan – It may contain exercises, it may not – it will all be agreed with you.
  3. A Live Plan – This is where we agree what your sense of purpose is – your reason for doing it. Rick and Rachel say you’ll rely on this lots. They’ll ensure you place all your energy and effort into doing things that will be most effective and rewarding.
  4. Annual Class Membership (worth £240!) – You will be issued with a 12 months class membership at Be Strong. Classes are in Darwen, Blackburn, Accrington and Clitheroe and you can attend as many as you like for a full year.
  5. Ambassador Programme – You’ll have the opportunity to become a Be Strong Ambassador so you can prevent vulnerable people subscribing to ‘lose weight fast’ programmes or buying ‘miracle shakes’! You’ll help them uncover the truth to losing weight sensibly and provide help, support and guidance, for free, to those that need it.