Loving this new health and wellbeing experience

I’ve been with Be Strong for just over a month and am loving it. I’ve lost 9lbs of the 28 I set myself as a target, and am loving counting calories and making much healthier food choices. Takeaways are out of the window for me and my family. I’m definitely

Suzanne Halliwell

Best decision I’ve made

I joined Be Strong after giving up smoking and gaining 2 1/2 stone. I tried numerous diet groups and nothing was working. I stuck to them, but when the scales wasn’t saying what the leaders expected, some made me feel like I was cheating which made me sink even lower.

Emma Middleton

Love Be Strong 💪

I absolutely love going to Be Strong on Tuesday evenings with my granddaughter , she never stops smiling throughout the class. All the leaders are fantastic in supporting all the members and everyone is so friendly. Be Strong is certainly worth every penny that we pay. Thank you Rick and

Julie Underwood

A work in progress

Rick and Rachel have been an inspiration for me. Be Strong has given me the tools to change my lifestyle, my weight is coming down and my exercise has increased. Since my Be Strong journey began, I have completed the Couch to 5k programme, progressed to do 10k runs, climbed

Paul Cottam

YoYo No More

I’ve yo-yo dieted most of my life since my late 20’s. This resulted in me always falling back into old ways in addition to gaining extra weight each time. In March 2018 I decided I wanted to look “fab and fit at fifty” which was in October 2018. I was

Andrea Aspden