It’s a life changer

I joined Be Strong around a year ago, after hearing my running friends talk about how amazing it was. I set a small achievable target as I didn’t really have a lot of weight to lose. It isn’t all about what you see on the scales, but how you also

Tracy Laffy

Be Strong has changed my life!

I’ve struggled with my weight for so long! I’ve tried loads of different diets and crazy weight loss tablets in the past and I’ve never managed to sustain a steady weight loss until now. Be Strong has shown me how to look at food differently, it has changed my relationship

Lauren Walsh

I feel part of the Be Strong community

I joined as an online member in January and have already lost 7lb. I am also gaining a greater understanding of calories and that to achieve my target I need to put the work in, move more and take responsibility for what I eat. As I lived in Buckingham, and

Jo Stokes

Forever Grateful

I joined Be Strong after seeing a post that a member had posted on social media. She was the same age as me, I had been to secondary school with her so I knew it was true and not an enhanced photo. I couldnt believe how much weight she had

Karen Fielding


I joined Be Strong about a year ago and can honestly say it is the best decision and life choice I have ever made. I have struggled with my weight for ever! I have tried various other weight loss groups and stuck to plans for a while but never for

Emma Coster