Feel great be strong

Be Strong is so supportive, always on hand when you are not sure. Going to the Tuesday night group is full of useful information, encouragement and a great way to make new friends – all with the same thing in mind. Lose weight, exercise and maintain a healthy mind and

Patricia Oliver

When all else failed

I was 64 and for health reasons had lost 8 stones over nearly as many years with a really well-known weight-loss brand. I was now truly stuck and still way into the overweight BMI range. So after a lot of ‘chivvying’ from a member I rocked up at Be Strong

Francesca Holden

Be Strong changed my life for the better

Be Strong’s message is simple – Eat less and move more – but Rick and Rachel understand that it’s not easy to put into practice so they are committed to providing information, tools and support which have helped me to set goals and work towards them. It’s not all about

Suzanne Ferrandino

Never felt as good about myself.

I joined Be Strong 13 months ago, I’ve now lost over 2 stones, when I was only wanting to lose a stone, but I was so happy with myself I wanted to lose another stone. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, its inspired me to exercise more, I take my dog

Stef Threlfall

Inspirational and motivating

I joined Be Strong after being inspired by friends losing weight and achieving goals. I had never counted a calorie in my life, I thought I had a healthy diet besides the weekend ‘drinks and treats’. I have learnt so much about food and drink I eat. Its true that

Gillian Harrison