My Be Strong success

I joined Be Strong after being overweight for years, unhappy and unhealthy. I had had hip replacements and spinal surgery and was nervous of doing exercise for the first time in years. Rick and Rachel reassured and advised me on how I could adapt things. I have learned how to

Nicola McCumskay


Rick and Rachel are so passionate and dedicated to work and mentoring they put in to Be Strong.
This is a proven science that food and exercise achieve great things,

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Fitter
  • Weight loss
  • Great friends
  • Healthy minds
  • For all ages and ability

They also include

Vicky Sears

Life changing group

Be strong is a fantastic health, well-being, fitness and weight loss group like no other. I should know…I’ve tried them. It is led by inspirational people Rick and Rachel who know first hand what their members are going through as they have been on the journey themselves. The groups are

Louise Wylie

Be Strong through Pregnancy

So I signed up to Be Strong in Aug 2018. Later that day I found out I was pregnant. However rather than think I can eat for two I wanted to monitor my weight through this pregnancy more closely. As with my previous pregnancy I gained 5 stones. I go

Rachael Bowker