Verified Testimonials

Fitness & Friendships

Since joining Be Strong nearly 2 years ago I’ve lost over 2 1/2 stone in weight.

More importantly for me I’ve gained confidence, met new friends, and done things I never thought I would. I’ve learnt that feeling a little out of your comfort zone is sometimes is a good thing. The group is so supportive of members and everyone genuinely tries to help each other to succeed.

Nicola Mead

Be Strong through Pregnancy

So I signed up to Be Strong in Aug 2018. Later that day I found out I was pregnant. However rather than think I can eat for two I wanted to monitor my weight through this pregnancy more closely. As with my previous pregnancy I gained 5 stones.

I go to meetings every Monday in Darwen. I get weighed and seek valuable advice from Rick and Rachel. And I have a gained only a 1lb so far in this pregnancy and I am 28 weeks.

I haven’t changed much to my diet I have just been more aware of what I am eating and choose fruit and veg to snack on instead of crisps and ice cream.

I cannot thank Be Strong enough for the encouragement and warm welcome I receive every week.

Rachael Bowker

A lifestyle change forever ❤️

I joined Be Strong in June 2018 having initially lost some weight myself. However, I was stuck in a rut of either comfort eating or starving myself. It wasn’t until I joined Be Strong I found there is an easy, and simple, method of losing weight in a healthy way, and detracting from the word “diet” . The weekly groups are friendly and supportive and Rick and Rachel are great at giving advice with a personal touch.

This for me is a permanent lifestyle change and has not only empowered me to view food in a different way but increased my confidence and well-being. Thank you 💕

Jackie Essery


I joined Be Strong on line. I suffer from a bad back and need to lose weight to help. I have seen how Be Strong helps other people, who for various reasons need support to lose weight

Pamela Woodhouse

Best Decision I Ever Made

I joined Be Strong in August 2018 and lost 2 and a bit stone by Christmas. I find the groups that Rick and Rach run motivating, friendly, supportive and help you to keep on track with a bit of exercise too (providing you are not lazy like me).

I find counting calories makes you more aware of what calories are in different foods, which leads to better choices.

I have found it has given me back the control over my weight and most of all it is not a diet so you can have your treats every now and then.

Jo Howard

Be Strong is the path to my healthier and fitter life

Well what can I say ! Joined Be Strong end of May 19 and I am 1/4 of a lb of my 2 stone band !
My friend at work said go and try it after several attempts at SW ! She kept saying you need exercise as well as diet and I kept fobbing it off saying no I don’t other people don’t exercise!! And guess what she was right !! 😂 And to my absolute amazement I love it! I do 2 hit training sessions a week and go to Gym too !! YES ME !! lol 😂

Rick and Rachel are inspirational people who are always there for you. Hopefully I will get my 2 stone band before I go on holiday next week 🤞🤞.

Anyone unmming and ahhhing about joining don’t !! Try it you will love it 😍


When all else failed

I was 64 and for health reasons had lost 8 stones over nearly as many years with a really well-known weight-loss brand. I was now truly stuck and still way into the overweight BMI range. So after a lot of ‘chivvying’ from a member I rocked up at Be Strong when the Darwen group opened… and never looked back!

Rick and Rach know what they’re talking about. They give honest straightforward practical advice that is easy or as hard to follow as you care to make it. I got into the healthy BMI range in a year and am still there a couple of years later.

The monthly challenges are there to be taken and some are more of a challenge for me than others. In November 2017 we were asked to take a 2 mile walk each day. I have a very little dog 🐕 so we accepted the challenge together and still we do a minimum of one 2 mile walk daily. That’s what I call a permanent lifestyle change and that’s what Be Strong is all about.

Francesca Holden


I joined Be Strong about a year ago and can honestly say it is the best decision and life choice I have ever made. I have struggled with my weight for ever! I have tried various other weight loss groups and stuck to plans for a while but never for long…..Rick and Rachel are amazing and something has finally clicked in my brain!

The groups are friendly, informative and motivational, and other group members, along with Rick and Rachel, make me feel I am part of something special. I look forward to reading the weekly newsletter available to members, which reinforces the weekly talks.

Since joining I have lost nearly two and a half stones, have a healthy bmi, am motivated to eat healthily and attend every week for the inspiration and motivation from others and the really enjoyable, inclusive exercise. What is there not to love! The membership fee is excellent value and the support from Rick and Rachel, if you need it, is fantastic. Thank you Be Strong.

Emma Coster

Feel great be strong

Be Strong is so supportive, always on hand when you are not sure. Going to the Tuesday night group is full of useful information, encouragement and a great way to make new friends – all with the same thing in mind. Lose weight, exercise and maintain a healthy mind and body.

Patricia Oliver

Life changing

I joined Be Strong 2 years ago and it’s genuinely the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve gained weight over the past few years after treatment for cancer, being made redundant and having depression. It was time to think about myself and my health.

I started c25k and shortly after that Be Strong. I love the exercise and sense of community. I’ve lost over a stone and a half so far. I can’t speak highly enough of Rick and Rachel, they are amazing, brilliant motivators and really care about Be Strong members.

Kathy O’Hare

Never felt as good about myself.

I joined Be Strong 13 months ago, I’ve now lost over 2 stones, when I was only wanting to lose a stone, but I was so happy with myself I wanted to lose another stone. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, its inspired me to exercise more, I take my dog on longer walks every day, I’m doing the 3 peaks in June this year and I’m training to do a 5k run! 13 months ago I would never have even thought about doing any of these things. Its changed me for the better, I love going to group, everyone’s so friendly and I’ve met new friends and are doing new things together. A massive thanks to Rick and Rachel, you’re both so amazing. If it wasn’t for you two, and Be Strong, I wouldn’t be a better, healthier, changed person! 🐝💪😍

Stef Threlfall

A work in progress

Rick and Rachel have been an inspiration for me. Be Strong has given me the tools to change my lifestyle, my weight is coming down and my exercise has increased.

Since my Be Strong journey began, I have completed the Couch to 5k programme, progressed to do 10k runs, climbed Scafell Pike, I do one large walk a week and I am now walking 4 miles a day to work and back. I track all the calories going in and make sure there is a deficit every day.

Be Strong is not a “quick fix” it is a lifestyle change. I have many friends through attending the group sessions and have learned a great deal. Thank you.

Paul Cottam

Lifelong Success

Be Strong is successful at improving member’s diet and physical activity by providing effective new skills and abilities that are evidence based. Be Strong incorporate important psychological factors that lead to healthy habits that are necessary to ensure lifelong success.

Dr Alison Divine

My Be Strong success

I joined Be Strong after being overweight for years, unhappy and unhealthy. I had had hip replacements and spinal surgery and was nervous of doing exercise for the first time in years. Rick and Rachel reassured and advised me on how I could adapt things. I have learned how to manage my eating, portion sizes and calories. It is easy to understand, and the weekly discussion topics keep me motivated.

I have lost 5 & a half stones, exercise 5 times a week and have a healthy BMI. Be Strong has helped me to achieve goals I never thought I would reach and feel happy in myself again.

Nicola McCumskay

Helpful and friendly.

I attend the Darwen session on Mondays.
I would like to attend other sessions but I only have Mondays off work .
I like go to the session its something I can do for myself.
I have been going since August and had a loss or maintained every week .
Its easy to follow as all food has calories on.
There are great resources and l always use the menu planner – it keeps me on track.
I love the workout!

Christina Baldwin

Loving our Workplace Wellbeing package through Be Strong

Just wanted to give some updates from staff who are loving our Workplace Wellbeing package through Be Strong.

We’ve started a C25K group, and due to breaking up for holidays, we’ve agreed to do our celebration run in September with everyone agreeing to post their updates in our What’s App Group.

Here’s some comments:

Staff A – It’s changed my perspective on ‘dieting ‘ you can have anything in moderation. It’s definitely a way of life, not a fad eating plan xx

Staff B – 6lb loss to date on Be Strong, daily plank challenge & C25k. Mindset change on what a diet is. According to my fitbit, my resting heart rate has come down from 72bpm to 58bmp.

Staff C – So I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter joined slimming world more times than I care to remember loose weight then gained it again just as fast, I’ve never tried calorie counting and wasn’t sure how I’d go. After signing up I downloaded an app and have never looked back I’m experimenting with foods I wouldn’t normal have when ‘dieting’ and enjoying new foods. And already can see a difference after loosing over a stone, I feel its something I can sustain forever and not feel like I’m Missing out because there’s always choices within my daily limit. To sum up I’m loving it! And the fact I’m a bridesmaid for my best friend next month and have got a dress size smaller is a good motivator.

Staff D – 5lb lost on weekender plan. Ideal for me as at weekends is when I ‘let myself go’ with food, I class eating out with friends as one of my hobbies! It’s a brilliant way of life not a diet as such. Plank challenge daily  xxx

Staff E – I’ve been the same weight for 10 years. I’ve lost 9lb to date and find myself making better food choices. I’ve also struggled to get motivated, felt sluggish and tired. The couch to 5k has helped me get back into running and it’s made it more enjoyable. Xxx

Staff F – 7lb loss, with strict calorie intake. I’ve never done calories before and found it really easy and enjoyed being able to still treat myself if it’s within my daily allowance. I’ve done the plank challenge. 7lbs to go to my target weight and I think I need to introduce more exercise. I’ve enjoyed the recipes online. I’ve actually bought a bikini for my holiday and am contemplating actually wearing it!!!  I’ve noticed myself becoming a little more body confident. Xx

Staff G – 6 lb loss to date love the positivity of this group no pressure involved just lots of support . On 1400 calorie plan when religiously stuck to it felt better slipped a but over last two weeks ( mainly due to not keeping food diary ) but easy to get back on it with calorie counting Def a life change need to up my exercise though x

Staff H – Yeah agreed, it’s def upping the exercise for me, think I’m in the frame of mind where I do enough but need to try more, running etc. Love the food plans xxx

Staff I – 7lb lost up to date and increased my hydration more which is a challenge for me.

Staff J (who needs to gain weight) – I’m on the 1900 calorie plan. Doing the HIIT at home. I’ve found it hard the last two weeks but I’ve put 2.4kg on…happy days x


Keeping it simple

I’ve been a member of Be Strong for quite some time now and even help out at group on a Wednesday, which is an absolute pleasure.

Be Strong really is one big happy family, full of support, none judgmental people all there to support and help each other.

Be Strong keeps things simple, no fad diets, no starving yourself just Eat less and Move more and the results speak for themselves.

Both Rick and Rachel are amazing, so passionate and dedicated to Be Strong, not only have they been there and got the T-shirt, they have a wealth of knowledge that’s invaluable.

I now have a totally different outlook when it comes to food and I’m moving more than ever, with the help of Be Strong I’ve completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks and plan to do it again this June with my Be Strong buddy’s, so not only do you loose weight, get fitter you gain life long mates too 😘

Thanks Rick and Rachel

Lauren West

Life changing group

Be strong is a fantastic health, well-being, fitness and weight loss group like no other. I should know…I’ve tried them.

It is led by inspirational people Rick and Rachel who know first hand what their members are going through as they have been on the journey themselves.

The groups are full of friendly, supportive people and offer a support network through social media and frequent social activity such as monthly walks.

Be Strong has been life changing for me and many others. My whole mindset has changed. As well as losing weight this group gives you the confidence and belief that anything is possible. I’ve gone from being virtually inactive, to being able to climb mountains, run 10k and I’m currently signed up to do the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge.

Be Strong is also excellent value for money. You can attend all classes for your monthly fee and access a wealth of online information. I recommend Be Strong to everyone I meet, and many friends and work colleagues now attend and are also reaping the benefits of this fantastic group. I cannot praise it enough.

Louise Wylie

It’s a life changer

I joined Be Strong around a year ago, after hearing my running friends talk about how amazing it was. I set a small achievable target as I didn’t really have a lot of weight to lose. It isn’t all about what you see on the scales, but how you also feel inside. I have made lots of new friends, got fitter, become more social and got out of a rut!! It is also food for my mental health too. Best decision I ever made thanks to the support of Rick and Rach 😁

Tracy Laffy

Road to Recovery

After gaining a lot of weight after breaking my shoulder, comfort eating & no exercise, I decided enough was enough – so I walked into the Be Strong Group by myself, feeling nervous and excited all in one.

That day changed everything for me. My mindset, years of a unhealthy relationship with food and lack of exercise was out of the window. I threw myself into this and I’ve never looked back.

I lost all my weight, got fit and strong and now exercise is part of my life, working out 4-5 times per week and eating healthier versions of food I love. Don’t get me wrong there’s days, and even weeks, where we may slip up and not be the on our game 24/7. But guess what, we’re all human, not perfect and accepting ourselves for who we are is part of the learning process. Getting back on track with the support of the groups and exercise is what really counts, we’re all on the same journey – take one day at a time. If you fall get back straight back up, and remember focus on the bigger picture – 52 weeks from now where will you be? 🐝💪

Elle Withers

Inspirational and motivating

I joined Be Strong after being inspired by friends losing weight and achieving goals. I had never counted a calorie in my life, I thought I had a healthy diet besides the weekend ‘drinks and treats’.

I have learnt so much about food and drink I eat. Its true that Be Strong is a lifestyle change and not a diet.

I love attending group every Wednesday for exercise (much more fun than any gym) the weekly discussions are motivating and really make me think about what I’m doing. Rick, Rachel and members are so inspiring.

The website content is great for those days when you’re motivated, or when your not so motivated, I like looking back at discussions to keep me going. I love the recipes for trying new things. I feel healthier physically and mentally. I’ve almost lost a stone and I feel great.

Thank you for your support Rick and Rachel x

Gillian Harrison

Forever Grateful

I joined Be Strong after seeing a post that a member had posted on social media. She was the same age as me, I had been to secondary school with her so I knew it was true and not an enhanced photo. I couldnt believe how much weight she had lost and how well she looked. I then thought if she can do it so can I. I had no self confidence although I always smiled it hid how I really felt. I didn’t go out, I even missed a school reunion because of how I looked in the photos of the previous one. I hated clothes shopping and looking in mirrors, nothing I wanted to wear looked good on me, I was covering up with “baggy clothes” which were getting more like fitted clothes.

I was nervous that first meeting on 20th June 2018, I didn’t know what it would be like, I was scared of being named and fat shamed. I shouldn’t have worried (other than when I found out how much I actually weighed!) The Group was fantastic. Everyone made me feel welcome, the pep talk to group made sense.

The first exercise glass made me realise how truly unfit I was. But I wasn’t put off, there were people of all shapes, sizes and ages, we were all there for the same reason.

Rick, Rachel and Be Strong have changed my life, I have followed all the advice and pep talks, I drink more water now than I have ever done, I know my calories, I think before I eat anything. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

At this weeks weigh in my total lost to date is 4st 10.5 lbs, I am now only 9lbs away from my goal, I am fitter and healthy that I have been in decades. I am 50 this coming Friday, I’m not going to be 50 frumpy and fat, I feel fabulous and I believe my life has begun again thanks to this fantastic group, I will be forever grateful to them all.

Karen Fielding


Rick and Rachel are so passionate and dedicated to work and mentoring they put in to Be Strong.
This is a proven science that food and exercise achieve great things,

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Fitter
  • Weight loss
  • Great friends
  • Healthy minds
  • For all ages and ability

They also include personal programs for people who struggle, and give their time 24/7. Challenges, organised walk every month – what more can I say!

I personally have achieved so much with this group, anyone can change for the better,

Thank you Rick and Rachel ❤️🐝💪🏻

Vicky Sears

new beginnings

I have only been with Be Strong just over a month and loving it. Couting calories is so much easier than I thought! I have lost 6lb altogether and been out every weekend! ! Met new friends. Feeling much better with exercise too (I did nothing before joining ). With Rachel and Rick’s help I sure I will stay on track and meet my target. Thank you so much!

Suzanne Leech

The beginning of an end!

I joined Be Strong recently after seeing the amazing before and after result photos on Facebook. Inspired by real people achieving amazing results. I thought to myself I could be one of those girls!

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and this has had an effect on my weight, health and confidence. I find Be Strong friendly and motivational. I was instantly made to feel welcome.

I love the talks each week, and the exercise classes are a great workout whatever your ability. The support is amazing.

Be Strong has given me the confidence to join a dance class. So I’m now having fun and making new friends.

This is the start of my journey and I’m hoping one day my after picture will inspire others. Watch this space!

Jenny Upton

Life changing

Since joining Be Strong I have not only lost weight and learned to eat healthy but also gained a good relationship with food! I lead a healthier lifestyle!! I never ever deprive myself, something I did for years on other weight loss programmes and groups.

Rick, Rachel and other the other members are extremely supportive and I have always enjoyed going to the groups. I have tried every weight loss and exercise group going but never found anything anywhere near as supportive or affordable!

Although I have been going to the gym for years, I have honestly never felt as fit and healthy as I do now. I feel both mentally and physically stronger. The goals I set myself now are always realistic – I never give up as I have done before, because in the past I have always set unrealistic goals. The Be Strong discussions have played a huge part in this and have made losing weight easier and manageable.

Rick and Rachel are truly inspirational and have not only changed my life, but changed my family’s life. They really are amazing!

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement guys! Xx

Rebecca Bullen

I feel part of the Be Strong community

I joined as an online member in January and have already lost 7lb. I am also gaining a greater understanding of calories and that to achieve my target I need to put the work in, move more and take responsibility for what I eat.

As I lived in Buckingham, and now on the Isle of Skye, and wasn’t able to get to meetings, I was excited that Rick and Rachel made Be Strong available online and happily signed up.

My first contact with Be Strong was following my friends weight loss, seeing them get repeated stone wristbands and how their movement and body confidence soared.

Thanks for making the jump and adding online membership and all the support you are providing.

Jo Stokes

Inspiring people to change their lives

I joined Be Strong in July 2018 and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Rick and Rachel are inspirational, they have created a challenging but fun and supportive environment that empowers people to make pretty amazing life changes.

I have lost weight and for the first time in many years I have attained a healthy body mass index and I am happy with the way I look. I have taken up running and much to my surprise have found that I can do it and now regularly run for 5k and have also completed a 10k race, something I would never have considered possible before joining Be Strong.

The Be Strong programme has allowed me to take control of my diet and weight by providing good sensible advice and setting realistic and achievable goals. There is no deliberate complication of the message as with other weight loss organisations, if you do what they say then the weight comes off. Simple.

It is not just about weight though. Rick and Rachel are committed to helping people feel good about themselves and you only have to look at the faces of the people at the meetings to see that it is working.

Mark Sloan

Best decision I’ve made

I joined Be Strong after giving up smoking and gaining 2 1/2 stone. I tried numerous diet groups and nothing was working. I stuck to them, but when the scales wasn’t saying what the leaders expected, some made me feel like I was cheating which made me sink even lower.

I was ready to completely give up, but then my friend heard about Be Strong and we both went together.
After listening to Rick & Rachel about why we gain weight and how to lose it something twigged. The constant support of them two and the others in the group and also online is amazing and that’s what spurs you on. The weeks that you may slip, you don’t dread going because Rick & Rachel don’t judge, they guide and support instead.

Not only do you get support for weight loss, you also get HIIT classes weekly that really are brilliant classes and fun! Also ages and abilities go and most importantly you feel comfortable exercising in front of people.

Be strong go that extra mile and also organise free monthly walks for everyone to join in, and couch to 5k groups, it really is like another family.

I have lost 1st 3lb so far, and still have another 2stone to lose, but I am ready for it and most importantly I am positive that I will get there. That’s all down to Rick & Rachel’s support, they do a fantastic job, as do Vicky and Dave.

Thank you 🐝💪🏼

Emma Middleton

Simply the best!

I hold my hands up to being the Queen of diets – I’ve tried them all! From Slimming World to Slimfast, I’ve been there. Calorie counting makes sense – create a calorie deficit and you’ll lose weight, it’s a maintainable way to live! No fads! No quick fix! Just strategies to live your life and enjoy the food you eat! It’s a fun filled class where no one judges you or makes you feel uncomfortable. I’m totally unfit but love how the exercises are tailored to meet the needs of absolutely every participant. I always leave every meeting buzzing and motivated!
I can’t thank Rick and Rachel enough for their understanding, support and advice on my weight loss journey – I’ve a long way to go but I know this group will get me to where I want to be.
I can’t recommend this group enough!

Tracie Wilson

Be Strong changed my life for the better

Be Strong’s message is simple – Eat less and move more – but Rick and Rachel understand that it’s not easy to put into practice so they are committed to providing information, tools and support which have helped me to set goals and work towards them.

It’s not all about weight and even on the occasions when my weight has gone up, I’ve never been made to feel shame or guilt at the scales. I used to kid myself that I was active and eating a healthy diet but now I know different. I can’t kid myself anymore and it actually takes less effort to count calories than I used to think.

The exercise sessions are great and I hate missing them, but even then there are options as you can go to any of the other venues at no extra cost or ‘HIIT along’ to one of the online videos. I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been and I’ve done things that I would never have dreamed possible a few years ago – the Morecambe Bay Walk, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and last years Manchester Marathon – family and friends are amazed!

I still have some weight to lose but I know what I have to do. There’s no smoke and mirrors just straightforward information and advice from Rick and Rachel who are doing a fantastic job. Joining Be Strong changed my life for the better and I am so glad I joined.

Suzanne Ferrandino

Be Strong… is….

Thank you Rick & Rachel

B – belong, benefits me & my community
E- exercise and eat well

S – sustain a healthy weight
T – team effort
R- resilience
O – overcome obstacles
N – nourish
G – goals

Lian Rose

Lightest I’ve Ever Been Thanks to Be Strong

Finding Be Strong and getting to know their extraordinary leaders has changed my life.

As a result of putting the advice given in to practice, I am fitter than I have ever been, the lightest I have ever been and I look forward to exercise in a way I never thought I would.

Be Strong is all inclusive, the advice is simple to follow, and the science works.

Everything is explained in easy, down-to-earth, normal terminology and the atmosphere is very friendly, really positive and welcoming.

If you want to change a few things in your life, give Be Strong a try.

If I can make a few positive changes and have a huge impact on my future, then so can you!

Sid Makinson

Simple, effective, sustainable!

I joined Be Strong in January with a friend who had already been a member. I’d gradually put on weight and I had been feeling overwhelmed and anxious about starting a ‘weight loss journey’, thinking it would involve extreme dieting and hours in the gym. This is not the case!! It is so simple, I don’t feel like I’m dieting and I have learnt so much about living a balanced lifestyle.

I’ve wanted to lose weight for a while, and tried numerous things in the past with little success, as what I was doing wasn’t sustainable. I lost 9lb in four weeks and I am feeling as motivated now as I was on day 1 thanks to the weekly groups. Be Strong is fantastic. Thank you so much for what you do!

Natasha Webster

Be Strong has changed my life!

I’ve struggled with my weight for so long! I’ve tried loads of different diets and crazy weight loss tablets in the past and I’ve never managed to sustain a steady weight loss until now.

Be Strong has shown me how to look at food differently, it has changed my relationship with food, and has taught me how to love myself again!

I’ve lost 1 stone 8 pounds so far and I am so excited for the future! I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been at since I was 17!

Lauren Walsh

Love Be Strong 💪

I absolutely love going to Be Strong on Tuesday evenings with my granddaughter , she never stops smiling throughout the class.

All the leaders are fantastic in supporting all the members and everyone is so friendly. Be Strong is certainly worth every penny that we pay.

Thank you Rick and Rachel

Julie Underwood

Straight forward plan

I joined Be Strong when I gained weight while unable to exercise due to a running injury, but to be honest, I was already gaining weight before I got injured. I couldn’t understand what I needed to do in order to lose weight, but when Rick & Rachel explained it was about counting calories and consuming less than I burn, I realised that I could eat anything I wanted as long as I counted the calories and kept within them.

I admit that at first I struggled to stay within my calorie limit, but within a few weeks I learned how to enjoy smaller portions and that cutting out some things made a big difference. In 4 months I have learned so much about food and improved my running loads. I have also lost 2 and a half stones.

I think that Be Strong is a straight forward, easy to understand plan to take control of how much I eat, that will continue to work throughout my life.

Christine Warrington

I would love to see more approaches like this rolled out across the UK

Be Strong provides an evidence-based programme that moves away from the “quick fix” mentality and dependency that is unfortunately promoted by many commercial weight loss programmes. I’ve genuinely not come across a programme that is so successful at helping individuals turn their lives around for good.

Dr Paula Watson

Absolutely love Be Strong

Done this diet, that diet and bought the t-shirt as they say… Always back to square one within a few months.
I’m not saying I’ve got it totally cracked, but with Be Strong I know more about what I need to do to try and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. And it’s not about getting to goal, it’s about doing what works for you, in fact what you weigh really doesn’t matter, its whether you are healthy, improving your choices and basically not sitting on your sofa eating and drinking yourself to death. A great group of people, all encouraging a supporting one another, and getting together to check progress and share in exercise and general chit chat with the fantastic support and guidance of Rick and Rachel… Who now don’t just buy t-shirts… They sell them too. Love it and totally recommend 🐝💪

Suzanne Halliwell

Life Changer

In October 2017 I had reached my heaviest weight 23.5 Stone, walked with crutches due to a chronic pain condition, for which I took high doses of pain medication, my mental health was bad with depression and anxiety.

I had reached a metaphorical fork in the road, continue as I was and continue to deteriorate or take control of my life and my conditions rather than them control me.

My first night at Be Strong was full of anxiety and tears, but Rick held my hand and guided me through my first session.

As of now 16 months later I am 4 stone lighter, do not use crutches and have reduced my pain medication significantly. I have completed one couch to 5k and started another. My mental health has improved, depression has lifted and anxiety is a work in progress.

All members of Be Strong are supportive as we are all on similar journeys.

Rick and Rachel are literally life changers, they are knowledgeable about losing weight and getting fitter, but they are more than that, they are empathetic, supportive and always available if you need more support, as I often do. I can not stress enough or sing their praises high enough.

I would highly recommend Be Strong if you need to change your life, as it has done for me.

DEBBIE Hurtley-Smith

Loving this new health and wellbeing experience

I’ve been with Be Strong for just over a month and am loving it. I’ve lost 9lbs of the 28 I set myself as a target, and am loving counting calories and making much healthier food choices. Takeaways are out of the window for me and my family. I’m definitely moving more, but not as much as I’d like to yet, but with Be Strong, and Rick And Rachel’s help I know I’ll get there.

Suzanne Halliwell

YoYo No More

I’ve yo-yo dieted most of my life since my late 20’s. This resulted in me always falling back into old ways in addition to gaining extra weight each time. In March 2018 I decided I wanted to look “fab and fit at fifty” which was in October 2018.

I was inspired by an existing member of Be Strong who I had known since our late teens but lost touch socially. She was posting the most fantastic transformation of herself through Facebook. I messaged her and she recommended Be Strong to me.

I joined and another friend came along with me to the first group meeting for moral support. I’m not really a group person and certainly not a fussy one who relishes bells ringing when you reach a goal milestone!

I was immediately made to feel at ease and welcomed at Clitheroe by Rachel. I mentioned I had previously done C25K but fallen back to old ways. Rachel introduced me to the C25K group leader who had just started a new programme. I joined them 2 days later.

The group talks are common sense, yet so motivational and non-threatening. There’s no “oh dear” when you may have gained for a week – more like “ok-let’s restart!”

The running has continued, and with the fabulous Clitheroe BeStrong C25K and 5k to 10k runners I lost 2 stone by my 50th birthday in October 2018.

I may not have model looks but I can admit to looking “fab and fit at 50!”

The best thing about it all is I’ve continued to champion the Be Strong ethos because it’s changed my life for the better and I know someone is always there to give encouragement and support when I need it.

Andrea Aspden