I’ve yo-yo dieted most of my life since my late 20’s. This resulted in me always falling back into old ways in addition to gaining extra weight each time. In March 2018 I decided I wanted to look “fab and fit at fifty” which was in October 2018.

I was inspired by an existing member of Be Strong who I had known since our late teens but lost touch socially. She was posting the most fantastic transformation of herself through Facebook. I messaged her and she recommended Be Strong to me.

I joined and another friend came along with me to the first group meeting for moral support. I’m not really a group person and certainly not a fussy one who relishes bells ringing when you reach a goal milestone!

I was immediately made to feel at ease and welcomed at Clitheroe by Rachel. I mentioned I had previously done C25K but fallen back to old ways. Rachel introduced me to the C25K group leader who had just started a new programme. I joined them 2 days later.

The group talks are common sense, yet so motivational and non-threatening. There’s no “oh dear” when you may have gained for a week – more like “ok-let’s restart!”

The running has continued, and with the fabulous Clitheroe BeStrong C25K and 5k to 10k runners I lost 2 stone by my 50th birthday in October 2018.

I may not have model looks but I can admit to looking “fab and fit at 50!”

The best thing about it all is I’ve continued to champion the Be Strong ethos because it’s changed my life for the better and I know someone is always there to give encouragement and support when I need it.