I was 64 and for health reasons had lost 8 stones over nearly as many years with a really well-known weight-loss brand. I was now truly stuck and still way into the overweight BMI range. So after a lot of ‘chivvying’ from a member I rocked up at Be Strong when the Darwen group opened… and never looked back!

Rick and Rach know what they’re talking about. They give honest straightforward practical advice that is easy or as hard to follow as you care to make it. I got into the healthy BMI range in a year and am still there a couple of years later.

The monthly challenges are there to be taken and some are more of a challenge for me than others. In November 2017 we were asked to take a 2 mile walk each day. I have a very little dog 🐕 so we accepted the challenge together and still we do a minimum of one 2 mile walk daily. That’s what I call a permanent lifestyle change and that’s what Be Strong is all about.