After gaining a lot of weight after breaking my shoulder, comfort eating & no exercise, I decided enough was enough – so I walked into the Be Strong Group by myself, feeling nervous and excited all in one.

That day changed everything for me. My mindset, years of a unhealthy relationship with food and lack of exercise was out of the window. I threw myself into this and I’ve never looked back.

I lost all my weight, got fit and strong and now exercise is part of my life, working out 4-5 times per week and eating healthier versions of food I love. Don’t get me wrong there’s days, and even weeks, where we may slip up and not be the on our game 24/7. But guess what, we’re all human, not perfect and accepting ourselves for who we are is part of the learning process. Getting back on track with the support of the groups and exercise is what really counts, we’re all on the same journey – take one day at a time. If you fall get back straight back up, and remember focus on the bigger picture – 52 weeks from now where will you be? 🐝💪