Just wanted to give some updates from staff who are loving our Workplace Wellbeing package through Be Strong.

We’ve started a C25K group, and due to breaking up for holidays, we’ve agreed to do our celebration run in September with everyone agreeing to post their updates in our What’s App Group.

Here’s some comments:

Staff A – It’s changed my perspective on ‘dieting ‘ you can have anything in moderation. It’s definitely a way of life, not a fad eating plan xx

Staff B – 6lb loss to date on Be Strong, daily plank challenge & C25k. Mindset change on what a diet is. According to my fitbit, my resting heart rate has come down from 72bpm to 58bmp.

Staff C – So I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter joined slimming world more times than I care to remember loose weight then gained it again just as fast, I’ve never tried calorie counting and wasn’t sure how I’d go. After signing up I downloaded an app and have never looked back I’m experimenting with foods I wouldn’t normal have when ‘dieting’ and enjoying new foods. And already can see a difference after loosing over a stone, I feel its something I can sustain forever and not feel like I’m Missing out because there’s always choices within my daily limit. To sum up I’m loving it! And the fact I’m a bridesmaid for my best friend next month and have got a dress size smaller is a good motivator.

Staff D – 5lb lost on weekender plan. Ideal for me as at weekends is when I ‘let myself go’ with food, I class eating out with friends as one of my hobbies! It’s a brilliant way of life not a diet as such. Plank challenge daily  xxx

Staff E – I’ve been the same weight for 10 years. I’ve lost 9lb to date and find myself making better food choices. I’ve also struggled to get motivated, felt sluggish and tired. The couch to 5k has helped me get back into running and it’s made it more enjoyable. Xxx

Staff F – 7lb loss, with strict calorie intake. I’ve never done calories before and found it really easy and enjoyed being able to still treat myself if it’s within my daily allowance. I’ve done the plank challenge. 7lbs to go to my target weight and I think I need to introduce more exercise. I’ve enjoyed the recipes online. I’ve actually bought a bikini for my holiday and am contemplating actually wearing it!!!  I’ve noticed myself becoming a little more body confident. Xx

Staff G – 6 lb loss to date love the positivity of this group no pressure involved just lots of support . On 1400 calorie plan when religiously stuck to it felt better slipped a but over last two weeks ( mainly due to not keeping food diary ) but easy to get back on it with calorie counting Def a life change need to up my exercise though x

Staff H – Yeah agreed, it’s def upping the exercise for me, think I’m in the frame of mind where I do enough but need to try more, running etc. Love the food plans xxx

Staff I – 7lb lost up to date and increased my hydration more which is a challenge for me.

Staff J (who needs to gain weight) – I’m on the 1900 calorie plan. Doing the HIIT at home. I’ve found it hard the last two weeks but I’ve put 2.4kg on…happy days x