In October 2017 I had reached my heaviest weight 23.5 Stone, walked with crutches due to a chronic pain condition, for which I took high doses of pain medication, my mental health was bad with depression and anxiety.

I had reached a metaphorical fork in the road, continue as I was and continue to deteriorate or take control of my life and my conditions rather than them control me.

My first night at Be Strong was full of anxiety and tears, but Rick held my hand and guided me through my first session.

As of now 16 months later I am 4 stone lighter, do not use crutches and have reduced my pain medication significantly. I have completed one couch to 5k and started another. My mental health has improved, depression has lifted and anxiety is a work in progress.

All members of Be Strong are supportive as we are all on similar journeys.

Rick and Rachel are literally life changers, they are knowledgeable about losing weight and getting fitter, but they are more than that, they are empathetic, supportive and always available if you need more support, as I often do. I can not stress enough or sing their praises high enough.

I would highly recommend Be Strong if you need to change your life, as it has done for me.