I joined Be Strong in July 2018 and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Rick and Rachel are inspirational, they have created a challenging but fun and supportive environment that empowers people to make pretty amazing life changes.

I have lost weight and for the first time in many years I have attained a healthy body mass index and I am happy with the way I look. I have taken up running and much to my surprise have found that I can do it and now regularly run for 5k and have also completed a 10k race, something I would never have considered possible before joining Be Strong.

The Be Strong programme has allowed me to take control of my diet and weight by providing good sensible advice and setting realistic and achievable goals. There is no deliberate complication of the message as with other weight loss organisations, if you do what they say then the weight comes off. Simple.

It is not just about weight though. Rick and Rachel are committed to helping people feel good about themselves and you only have to look at the faces of the people at the meetings to see that it is working.