I joined Be Strong after giving up smoking and gaining 2 1/2 stone. I tried numerous diet groups and nothing was working. I stuck to them, but when the scales wasn’t saying what the leaders expected, some made me feel like I was cheating which made me sink even lower.

I was ready to completely give up, but then my friend heard about Be Strong and we both went together.
After listening to Rick & Rachel about why we gain weight and how to lose it something twigged. The constant support of them two and the others in the group and also online is amazing and that’s what spurs you on. The weeks that you may slip, you don’t dread going because Rick & Rachel don’t judge, they guide and support instead.

Not only do you get support for weight loss, you also get HIIT classes weekly that really are brilliant classes and fun! Also ages and abilities go and most importantly you feel comfortable exercising in front of people.

Be strong go that extra mile and also organise free monthly walks for everyone to join in, and couch to 5k groups, it really is like another family.

I have lost 1st 3lb so far, and still have another 2stone to lose, but I am ready for it and most importantly I am positive that I will get there. That’s all down to Rick & Rachel’s support, they do a fantastic job, as do Vicky and Dave.

Thank you 🐝💪🏼