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Team Owners and Managers can add members to their team by going to My Account > Teams > Add Member.

From this page, the Team Owner or Manager can add users to the team in two ways:

  • Add Member
    • The owner or manager can enter the user’s email and role to add members to the team individually.
  • Registration Link
    • You can send this link to all staff that may be interested in joining. Any user that clicks this link can register for your Workplace Team.
      • This method is very quick and easy, but less secure. If the link is shared outside your intended target audience, then others could theoretically join your team.

Pending Invitations

People may need a reminder that they’ve been invited to join the team!

The owner or manager can view all their pending invitations by going to My Account > Teams > Members  and clicking on ‘Pending invitations’. From this page, the owner or manager can resend the invitation, cancel the invitation, or change the new user’s role.

Managing Members

Owners and managers can remove members by going to My Account > Teams > Members and selecting the Remove button. They can also change the role assigned to users from this page.

Members can choose to leave your Team by making a request the Team Owner or Manager. They will lose access to their membership benefits when they’re removed from your Team.

Adding More Seats to Your Team

After your Team is purchased, the team owner may want to increase the number of seats on the team:

  1. Go to My Account > Teams > Team Settings.
  2. Click Add Seats.
  3. Enter the number of seats you want to add to the team.
  4. Click Submit.

The team owner will be directed to a checkout page to pay for the new seat(s).

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How to sign up

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