transition meal plan

The Transition Meal Plan is perfect for those who feel like they just don’t know where to start when it comes to making the right food choices to enable them to achieve their weight loss goals. It takes things right back to basics for you, helping you to understand what sort of foods you should be eating and in the right portion sizes. It also introduces the psychological aspects that you need to succeed. Without realising it, within 4 short weeks, you will be eating properly, hydrating properly and learning about what you really should be eating to lose weight.

what is it?

It's a 4-week meal plan that will reset your habits, and show you exactly what amazing food you can eat and still lose weight. Choose from the extensive list of meals within Transition plan and then add to that from your list of UNLIMITED FOODS to bulk out your meals and snack on whenever you are hungry. Then, pick your treats to have each day or save up for later. You won’t get bored!

increased self confidence

Transition introduces a number of techniques and tools to keep you feeling full, your metabolism firing on all cylinders and most of all build your self-confidence so that you believe that you can lose weight. Subconsciously you will start to learn what your portion sizes should look like, and what your go to foods are when you feel the urge to snack.


Transition introduces accountability. Being accountable is the key to weight loss success. By introducing food planning and tracking you gain knowledge and understanding of the best types of foods for you, that will keep you on track and achieving your goals.

motivation boost

We subconsciously introduce other positive healthy behaviours. Before you know it you are properly hydrated, feeling full, increasing your physical activity, and taking part in self-reflection activities – all of which improve self-confidence and self-esteem, boosting your motivation.

Dr Paula Watson

Liverpool John Moores University

Successful for good

I’ve genuinely not come across a programme that is so successful at helping individuals turn their lives around for good.

Be Strong provides an evidence-based programme that moves away from the “quick fix” mentality and dependency that is unfortunately promoted by many commercial weight loss programmes. 

I would love to see more approaches like this rolled out across the UK.

Christine Warrington

Civil Servant

So inspiring

I joined Be Strong when I gained weight while unable to exercise due to a running injury, but to be honest, I was already gaining weight before I got injured.

I couldn’t understand what I needed to do in order to lose weight, but when Be Strong showed me, I realised that I could eat anything I wanted as long as I counted the calories and kept within them.

I admit that at first I struggled, but within a few weeks I learned how to enjoy smaller portions and that cutting out some things made a big difference. In 4 months I have learned so much about food and improved my running loads. I have also lost 2 and a half stones.

I think that Be Strong is a straight forward, easy to understand plan to take control of how much I eat, that will continue to work throughout my life.



read and learn

Download and print your Transition Meal Plan. Read it and make sure you understand what you need to do and when.


ease yourself in

For the first two weeks, your Transition Meal Plan will ask you to just plan your meals and snacks based upon the foods we recommend in the plan, including which UNLIMITED FOODS you like to eat.

There is also the option to add your own food that you enjoy to meal and snacks lists, up to a maximum calorie ceiling.

These foods have been specially selected to ensure they are balanced but low enough in calories to ensure your weight loss success, without feeling hungry.



After the first two weeks, we will then introduce tracking your meals, snacks and unlimited foods, in addition to planning your meals. By tracking, you will start to understand why these types of foods help you to lose weight.

Tracking gives you complete control and accountability to ensure you achieve your goals.


measure success

In weeks 3 and 4, we also introduce hydration and some physical activity, to encourage some other healthier positive behaviours that also aid with weight loss.

Finally, we ask you to reflect daily on your performance. This allows you to build on the positives and understand areas where you might need to improve.

Sticking to the plan each will week, will undoubtedly see success on the scales, bringing you closer to your ultimate goal. 

​​Transition starts today !

Here’s what people are saying about Be Strong

Read how our members lost weight and still enjoyed a really fun and busy lifestyle.

Debbie Schofield


100% Control

I have lost 10 stones and kept it off!

Be Strong has absolutely changed my life, and I will never go back to the way I was – the girl who started a new diet every Monday – because now I 100% understand how to control my weight, rather than food and my weight controlling me. 

Natasha Webster

Intelligence Analyst

So Simple

I’d gradually put on weight and I had been feeling overwhelmed and anxious about starting a ‘weight loss journey’, thinking it would involve extreme dieting and hours in the gym.

This is not the case!! It is so simple, I don’t feel like I’m dieting and I have learnt so much about living a balanced lifestyle. 

Be Strong is fantastic. Thank you so much for what you do!

Not sure if Transition is right for you?

Weekender is NOT for everyone, and truth be told we’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s not right for you NOW, rather than waste your time. So, let’s cut to the chase...

Who Transition IS for

  • Don't like change
    You've tried to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle in the past, but the immediate demands placed on you, along with massive overnight changes, constantly get in the way of being successful.
  • Receptive people
    Those who have tried to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle before, but haven't yet succeeded.
  • Investors
    You understand that lifelong lifestyle transformation takes place gradually, over the remainder of your life. You're not in a rush anymore and have stopped following the fads. 
  • Action takers
    You aren't just going to watch a few films, read all of our programmes and never implement them. Weekender provides the tools, learning and resources - but you still need to do the work!

Who Transition is NOT for

  • Idealists
    You think you can stretch the programme boundaries and carry on more or less as normal. You will have to realise that with any reward, there's usually some form of sacrifice.
  • Miracle hunters
    People looking for a lose weight quick solution - if you think Weekender is going to make you lighter overnight, it's not the right choice for you!
  • Idea chasers
    If you’re constantly chasing the next idea and never getting anything off the ground, this isn’t a fit for you. Weekender takes commitment and focus
  • Shortcut takers
    Anyone looking for a miracle solution or not willing to dedicate time to the Weekender programme. New lifestyles take time and effort to develop and manage.


If you are a social butterfly, who likes to eat out and enjoy a few drinks with friends (let’s face it who doesn’t?) then ‘Weekender’ is absolutely the plan or you. ‘Weekender’ allows you to enjoy your favourite things, whilst still losing weight. The fantastic tools, resources and support that you receive as part of your membership, will guarantee that you hit your weight loss goals, and then understand how to keep your weight under control forever.


There are many alternative weight loss programmes out there, but we truly believe that none are as effective, practical and honest as ours. Cost was always a hugely important factor for us. Making our high quality, well researched and evidence based programmes available to suit every pocket, is always one of our biggest challenges.


Jenny Craig's 'Complete' Plan is £526 per month!

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  • Transition Meal Plan
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  • Weekender Programme
  • Meal Tracker
  • Weight Tracker
  • Additional Programmes
  • Exercise Films
  • Recipes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Community Forums
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30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

When you sign up at Be Strong, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

We're confident that you'll love your Be Strong subscription, and we won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 30 days then we'll refund you without any fuss.



Bonus 1
Meal Tracker

Our Meal Tracker is completely unique! It only contains the food and drink items that you enter in it.

Some meal trackers are very complicated and you often rely on inaccurate data, added by other users of the apps.

Adding your own food and drink, from scratch, is a massive factor in increasing your knowledge to achieve lifelong weight loss.

Bonus 2
Weight Tracker

You will have your own Weight Tracker which will detail your weight loss journey, provide you with focus and keep you accountable.

Weight Tracker generates live data such as your Body Mass Index, Total Daily Energy Expenditure and your Macro nutrient requirements.

Weight Tracker allows us to personalise the programmes we provide to you.

Bonus 3

You will have full access to our members only Community Forums, Private Facebook Group and Webinars.

You will find inspiration, motivation, help, advice and tips from people in your shoes. Along with experts including our team of psychologists and coaches.

Mutual aid and support is crucial to help us to find our way around obstacles and jump over barriers.

Transition worked for many when everything else failed

“The first days and weeks are always a crucial time for people looking to transform their lifestyles. There has to be trust, enjoyment, clarity and results - Transition gives you this.”

Rick & Rachel