Monthly Digital Membership

£7.99 / month and a £10.00 sign-up fee

Our monthly Digital Membership gets you full online access to all premium content at Be Strong each month including our suite of programmes, recipes, exercise films, unique and personalised nutritional information, weight tracker tool, awards and premium discussion articles.

Your FREE personalised Starter Programmes, including our 5pm, Reset Restart and Weekender Programmes, will be available within 3 hours and there is no tie in – you can cancel at any time.

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Our Monthly Digital Membership Plan gets you online access to the following content at Be Strong each month.

Included is: –

  • A unique nutrition plan personalised to you
  • FREE  personalised starter programmes including the 5pm, Reset Restart and Weekender Programmes!
  • Live access to our weight tracker tool
    • Record your weight, BMI and body shape with us
  • Store discounts of up to 100%
  • Free 8 week Reset Restart course with certificate
  • Full access to Be Strong Box Office
    • Exercise instruction
    • Full sets
  • Personalised lifestyle programmes (100% discount!)
  • Simple and delicious recipes

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