Starts on Tuesday 30th May 2023

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Have You Had A Baby In The Past 18 Months?

If the answer is YES, we would love you to join us! The FREE program starts on Tuesday 30th May 2023 at 6:15PM and runs at the same time each Tuesday and/or Wednesday for 12 weeks.

This is quality ‘YOU TIME’, where you will meet other new mums that you’ll have so much in common with.

The full 12-weeks is 100% FREE with no catches!

Are you a New Mum that’s ready to ramp up your commitment to improving your lifestyle, yet you’re constantly..

  • Looking for the right solution, where you will find other new mums in the same position as you, but, until now, there’s been nothing suitable?
  • Frustrated by constantly starting, stopping, starting and stopping, and you need help to achieve consistency?
  • Bored of the one-dimensional approaches adopted by personal trainers and weight loss groups, because they don’t really understand you or you don’t believe in them?
  • Wishing some trusted experts, that you really click with, could just parachute into your life, and hold your hand to success?

Rick & Rachel Can Help You..

Did you know that Rick was completely inactive for most of his adult life, and weighed in at 26 stones? Rachel shed 6 stones after the birth of her first child, as she wanted to be a positive role model for her own children. Most importantly for you, Rachel is an expert at helping new mums to feel absolutely brilliant about themselves!

We’ll always treat you with kindness, respect, understanding and total empathy. In short, we’ve got your back!

Rick Wilson & Rachel Wilcock can help you
Rick Wilson & Rachel Wilcock – Be Strong Co-Founders

Go from this..

  • Lacking the knowledge and skills to achieve your ultimate goal
  • Forever getting side-tracked from what’s really important to you
  • Knowing what would work great for you, yet feeling underwhelmed by the lack of options out there

To this..

  • Having an effective action plan and support to get the job done
  • Enjoying unrivalled accountability and unparalleled motivation that will allow you to flourish
  • Receiving the correct advice, strategies and solutions from people that are trusted by everyone

Starts on Tuesday 30th May 2023

SORRY, WE’RE NOW FULL – Join The Waitlist

12 Week FREE Be Strong Membership – New Mums


The FREE membership starts on Tuesday 30th May 2023 at 6:15PM and runs at the same time each Tuesday and/or Wednesday for 12 weeks.

The Be Strong Hive, Unit 2, Alan Ramsbottom Way, Great Harwood, Lancashire. BB6 7UR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It is completely FREE

Q. What exactly will you help me to achieve?
A. We can help with any of your health, fitness or lifestyle goals. If you want to climb a mountain, we can help. If you want to lose weight, we can help. If you would like to increase your mood, we can help. If you would like to get fitter, we can help. There’s not very much we can’t help you with – and we can’t wait to hear your dreams and ideas!

Q. So, what will I do when I get there?
A. Firstly, we will introduce you to the other new mums. We will have a coaching workshop each week that lasts for 45 minutes (it’s fun, effective and we have a laugh), then an exercise class that’s 30 minutes long. The exercise class is all inclusive and can be tailored to suit individual needs. All inclusive means that it’s suited for any fitness levels.

Q. Do I have to join in with the exercise classes?
A. Not at all. If you want to come along to group, but don’t want to exercise – then that’s just fine.

Q. Can I bring my children with me?
A. We’re really sorry but unfortunately not. This is open to mums only. We have limited space and we’ve found the sessions can be very distracting for you, with babies, toddlers and older children present. This is quality time for you and your new ‘mum friends’.

Q: Where do you meet?
A: We meet at The Be Strong Hive, Unit 2, Heys Lane Industrial Estate, Alan Ramsbottom Way, Great Harwood BB6 7UA.

Q: Where do I park?
A: There is a large car park at Be Strong

Q: What if I can’t make the first session?
A: That’s fine, come along to the next session but try your very best to make the majority of the sessions. Please let us know if you can’t make the first evening.

Q: Do I have to come to every session every week?
A: No, we realise that not everyone will be able to make all of the weekly sessions.

Q. What will I need to bring?
A. Just bring yourself, wear comfortable sportswear, bring a bottle of water and you’ll be fine. You definitely don’t need any money – this is 100% FREE!

Surviving to Thriving Course for New Mums - Rachel Wilcock Mindful Mummy Fit Co-Founder

We’re looking forward to helping you to get back to feeling even better than your old self for you & your baby.

We will connect you with new mums and you’ll discover that ‘thriving’ is well within reach for you!”

Rachel, Co-founder of Be Strong


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