Frequently Asked Questions

Colette Mullally

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve both been right at the point where you are now; wondering whether to sign up to something that could potentially change your life!

Be Strong can work for you, and anybody that’s willing to try something new.

We keep everything really simple, make it logical, easy to understand and achievable. If you do it well, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t – then you shouldn’t even feel hungry.

You have to put some effort in though, remember, there are no miracle solutions. Our way is tried and tested – it has already worked for lots of people.

We want to exceed all of your expectations, so we created these sections to help you get the answers you need, in an instant.

Rick and Rachel.

Online Memberships - FAQs
This section is for all our online membership plans.

Be Strong Groups/Classes - FAQs
This section is for if you are thinking of joining one of our classes in East Lancashire, UK.

Some of our members

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