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Time for a goal check in

We are already over a quarter of the way through the year, can you believe it?! So, it’s time to have a check in with the goals we set at the beginning of the year, then review and reflect on on where we are up to, and whether we need to make some changes. by doing so, we keep our goals fresh and most importantly our motivation high!

Some questions

Are you on track to achieve your ultimate goal?

Are you sticking to your plan? Is the plan the right plan?

What parts of your plan aren’t working? Which parts are working? Why is this?

Are you happy with your progress or could you do better? What could you do better? How could you make this happen?

Having a periodic check in with our goals, will ensure that we can reset the course if we are adrift of the target.

Sometimes we may need to adjust the goal, sometimes we need to adjust the plan, sometimes we need to carry on exactly as we are doing.

More Questions…

Are you progressing at the rate you thought you would towards your goal? If not, why not?

Are you still working to your original goal? Or has it changed along the way?

Is your goal still relevant? Does it need revising?

These are questions you need to ask yourself and answer honestly, to address any issues that you might be having with your progress. It’s better to address these issues early, than keep wandering down the wrong path. If you are struggling with your progress and need some advice come to us and ask, or ask in the Facebook group, between us we will have the answers.

Your goal might be complete, so it is maybe time to refresh your goals, set a new one or if you didn’t set a goal back in January, have a think about what it is that you want to achieve.

Holidays are coming…

If you didn’t set a goal, having one can be a great way to reinvigorate your mojo and get focused again.

We are on countdown to our summer holidays now, so it is the perfect time to reflect on where we are up to and if we haven’t got one already, set a new goal.

Goal setting and planning reminder

What is it that you want to achieve this next month, or two or three?

Do you want to improve your fitness?

Do you want to lose a particular amount of weight?

Is there a particular outfit you want to fit in on your summer holidays?

Is there a particular event that you want to participate in?

Do you want to see a particular improvement in your health?

Whatever your goal is, it needs SMART! Specific – Measureable – Achievable – Realistic – Time Bound

We have some great goal setting advice in this article here, so have a read and get cracking, and we love it when you share your goals with us. So let us know in the comments if you do set one.

Once you have your goal, then you need your plan. Make this as detailed as possible, taking into account all your other responsibilities. Do your research, remove the barriers to your success. You can find out more about planning in this article, from earlier in the year.

Don’t wait for us to prompt you

Don’t wait for us to remind you to check in with your goals, measure your success along the way. This is really important for keeping our motivation levels high. If we know that we are being successful, it builds our self-belief and self confidence, our mindset becomes more positive and most importantly, it spurs us on to keep going.

Along the way we also need to reflect on how we are performing, and whether the plan is getting you to where you want to be. By measuring success each day or week, this is easy to keep on top of. If we aren’t getting the results we expect, or we aren’t ticking things off our plan or schedule as we should be, we need to spend a little time reflecting, and then work out why we can’t stick to the plan, or whether the plan needs to change slightly.

Use the information that you are gathering about your progress along the way constructively. Either to improve you performance or to give yourself something to celebrate, shout about and tell the world how great you are doing!

This week!

Use this week to reflect on your goal and plan. We should reflect regularly to make sure we are heading in the right direction. If the goal or plan isn’t right, and you don’t know where to make the changes, ask for help. We love it when people contact us, so don’t be frightened of doing so.

Don’t just keep heading down the wrong path, or spit your dummy out and give up. Because you wanted this remember?! You spent time devising this goal and this plan in January, to get you what you want. So don’t waste all that time and effort, just review and revise, then get back on track.

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