Take The Plunge And Lose Weight For Good

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Are you talking about changing your lifestyle or actually doing it?

We know lots of people, ourselves included, who spent years talking the talk but we were never prepared to take action and walk the walk. The difference is simply making the decision to stop overthinking things, trusting us and taking a massive leap of faith by actually doing what you always talk about, and doing it properly.

We all know those people who talk a good job, but never actually commit to any action, and because changing our lifestyle is difficult and makes us uncomfortable, we see it more so in this area of our lives – lots of talking about what we need to do, but little translating into action.

We want this to be the time that you finally walk the walk and take action!  

What’s the difference between talking and doing?

  • Talking about it listens to our advice but never puts it into practice
  • Talking about it may possibly start the job but seldom finishes it
  • Talking about it is usually without a clear plan which leaves you swimming in vagueness, not really knowing what you’re doing and unintentionally winging it!
  • Talking about it can sometimes mean that the words coming out of your mouth are excuses or reasons why you cannot do something. Flip it on it’s head and ask yourself ‘what can you do?’ and hold yourself accountable?

If you went to bed tonight a fit and healthy person, with a perfect BMI, and woke up tomorrow 4 stones overweight, struggling for breath after mild exercise, sweating for no real reason, with aching joints and struggling to tie your shoelaces – you WOULD do something about it RIGHT NOW! Trust us, you would. So if that is how you feel right now, we can help you – look around you at the Be Strong community’s achievements, you’re surrounded by success. The only thing separating you from it is you and the action that you choose to take.

So what do I do?

Please, please, please, don’t do what you’ve always done!! This time, take a step back and look at it properly. We want this to be the last time you do this!!

If you think you don’t know what to do or how to do it, contact us and ask for our help or have a look around the website, everything you need is there.

If you do think you know what to do, check in with us, so that we can advise you on whether you have got the right strategy.

Follow a programme!! If you follow them they work. But you have to follow them! You have to take action! Wanting it isn’t enough. You have to actually do it!

Try the Transition Meal Plan, if you really don’t know where to start. It will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be, holding your hand and guiding you all the way.

But deep down, we think the majority of us do know what to do, we just have to be brave and make that decision to take action.

So, are you ready to take action?

If you have made the decision to do this right now, today, this minute, then this is what you will need to do: –

This is the time where you have to trust us and commit to a challenge or a goal. Take our advice, put your own goal and plan down on paper. Then you need to take a deep breath, say a prayer, and shout out to yourself, or a crowd if you prefer, that you’re going to jump straight off that cliff edge and take on this amazing goal that you have set for yourself. However hard it is you are not going to fail, you are going to be strong at all times, no matter what!

You will find after a couple of successful days that your belief will increase.  Then you will realise that your mind is a very powerful tool. Trust us.


Make sure that when you construct your goal, make it SMART and write it down. Don’t forget that your success is measured in the distance travelled, not by the scale of your challenge. What is a piece of cake for you might be a real challenge for someone else and vice versa – it’s all about making this a challenge for you!! Whatever the challenge is – make sure it is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.

If you are currently totally inactive then continuous, brisk walking three times a week is a perfect challenge, as is taking the stairs instead of the lift – every single time.

If you’re already active then push yourself that bit further. Find a challenge that will really push you.  Imagine how you will feel when you achieve your goal, you won’t be able to wait to plan your next one! After years of failure you will have success! It might only be a small success, but lots of small successes add up to some amazing things.

If you are trying to get fitter and are happy with your weight then you will focus all of your motivation and commitment on your weekly exercise schedule. This schedule is what will see you achieve success.

If you are trying to get fitter and have weight to lose, then usually the priority for that person would be to lose the weight, after all the fitness comes much easier as we get lighter. We would encourage you to use your motivation and commitment on the eating plan first, ensuring that you hit all of your calories every day and that your meals are balanced – then use what’s left to ensure you complete the exercise routine. There is no way that you should prioritise your exercise over your calories if weight loss is your priority.

In an ideal world you will be able to complete the exercise schedule in conjunction with your calorie intake – the perfect combination for success whether you’re one of our members or an elite athlete.

Have you thought about what will happen once your motivation starts to take a beating and you start to think that its actually not worth it anymore or its just not for you? When being overweight, not as fit as you could be and unhealthy isn’t that bad anymore or it can wait until next month.

Remember – only you are responsible for you. Nobody can do it for you. Did all the people who have had success suddenly find a golden key to unlock the door to an easy fix, a quick win or some kind of miracle? No way, they dug in, rolled up their sleeves and got their mind set to achieve what they initially thought would be a miracle!

Every day that they hung in there was one day closer to their goal.  Every day they avoided a blip increased their mental resolve.  Every week of success made them start to believe it was possible.  And every month of success gave them a sense of invincibility.

What are you waiting for?

There will never be that perfect moment, nobody is going to walk into your life and share with you a national secret of how to lose weight and get fit with minimal effort. What we can guarantee you is that life is precious and it’s just too short.

Don’t be the 97 people out of every 100 who will read this article and not take any action. Just jump off that cliff edge and give it everything! Yes, you may get some cuts and bruises on the way down, you may bang your head – but eventually we can assure you that you will see the world from a vantage point you have never experienced before. It will look different and you will feel different.  We can absolutely guarantee that if you don’t jump, then your parachute will never open.  But if you give it a go – then who know’s what will happen?!

We Aren’t Striving For Perfection

Where we should be is somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. Not full on saintly food, but not full on junk food either. Not training like a demon every day of the week till we are exhausted but not sitting on our backsides every single evening watching TV and fridge foraging in the ad breaks.

When we are somewhere in the middle we have a balance – we are physically active, improving our fitness and our health, we have healthy habits, we are fuelling our body correctly, and we aren’t starving all the time. We are living our best life!

So this time round, make the right changes, don’t jump back into that diet cycle, take some baby steps to improve your lifestyle and have some patience. Learn about your calories, your food, look at your habits, learn about the food that fits into your calorie needs, find the food that you love. When you make these changes they are lifelong. And when you make a lifelong change you hit your target weight range and stay there forever this time.

This week!

Take the plunge! Go for it! Stop talking and start doing! The hardest part is getting started and once you do, you will never look back!

Tell us in the comments if you are committing to taking action this week!

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