June 2022 Leaderboard Challenge

Can You Finish In The Top 3 Of Our Leaderboard?

There are 4 categories: Best Total Weight Loss, Best % Bodyweight Lost, Best BMI Change & Best Consecutive Daily Meal Tracker Entries!

How to Join In

  1. Firstly, please make sure that you are Opted Into Challenges.
  2. Record your starting weight on Weight Tracker – this should be entered on the 1st of the month.
  3. Use Meal Tracker every day to record all your food and drink and try to stay within 5% of your calorie target.
  4. Record your weight each week on Weight Tracker – this is taken care for you if you weigh at a group.
  5. Record your finish weight on Weight Tracker – this should be entered on the last day of the month. Please note that late entries will not be possible.
challenge status: opted out

June ’22 Leaderboard

Data will be displayed once there are 2 weight entries recorded for each participant in the challenge

NOTE: The table will refresh every 60 minutes 👍

NameTotal Weight LossBMI Change% Body WeightMeal Tracker Streaks (Days)Weight Tracker Streaks (Weeks)
Audrey Holt 2.5lbs 0.5 1.75 6 3
Barbara Wilson 0.5lbs 0.1 0.34 7 4
Carly Cooke -3.25lbs -0.5 -1.62 1 2
CATHERINE KNIGHT 0.5lbs 0.1 0.29 1 4
COLETTE WESTWELL -2lbs -0.3 -1.35 18 1
Debbie Hurtley-Smith 2lbs 0.3 0.68 0 2
Shelley Mason -1.25lbs -0.2 -0.66 0 1
TRACIE WILSON 1lbs 0.2 0.59 0 1
Stef Threlfall -4.75lbs -0.8 -3.02 0 3
Hilary Ashcroft 2lbs 0.4 1.13 0 3
Amanda Rigby -5.75lbs -0.9 -2.24 0 2
Kimberley Fielding -2.5lbs -0.4 -1.11 2 3
Jo Stokes 3lbs 0.6 2.2 18 4
Dawn Dunn -2lbs -0.4 -1.27 1 1
Elaine Andrew 0.5lbs 0 0.44 0 2
Jennifer Ashworth -7lbs -1.3 -4.15 4 1
Sarah Devlin -2lbs -0.3 -0.61 0 2
Dianne Taylor -3lbs -0.5 -1.61 10 2
Wendy Billington -0.5lbs -0.1 -0.37 0 2
Michelle Pearce -0.25lbs 0 -0.18 0 2
Audrey Keryk 0lbs 0 24 3
Sarah Steele -0.75lbs -0.2 -0.55 1 3
Tracy Eccles -2.75lbs -0.5 -2 9 1
Andrea Buckley -5lbs -0.8 -2.04 0 3
Carol O'Brien -1.5lbs -0.2 -0.91 0 3
Georgia Kett 2lbs 0.3 1.1 21 2
Karen Copple 3.25lbs 0.6 1.59 1 3
Lois Brown 1lbs 0.2 0.48 0 3
Jenni Shoreman 1.75lbs 0.3 0.72 0 3
corinne surkitt -1.5lbs -0.2 -0.83 0 3
Lynne Waddicor -1.25lbs -0.2 -0.84 0 1
Sarah Walker 1lbs 0.2 0.53 0 1
Adele Devitt 0lbs 0 0 4
Michelle Wearden -0.5lbs -0.1 -0.25 1 3
Anjali Agrawal -5.5lbs -0.9 -2.7 0 3
Jayne Chambers -1.5lbs -0.3 -0.94 0 3
Becca Marr -3lbs -0.5 -1.86 0 3
Rachel Hesmondhalgh 1.75lbs 0.4 1.17 0 2
Natalie Banks -3.5lbs -0.6 -2.02 7 1
Eddie OReilly -2.25lbs -0.3 -0.91 28 4
Diane Connell 0lbs 0 0 1
Rebecca Roberts 4.75lbs 0.9 2.85 0 4
Janet Mullis -7.5lbs -1.3 -3.81 6 2
Zayna Ibrahim -1.75lbs -0.3 -1.1 0 1
Donna Middleton 0lbs 0 0 0
Dana Ellis 0.5lbs 0.1 0.28 0 1
Cathy Taylor -3.25lbs -0.6 -1.92 15 3
Emmy Taylor -6lbs -1 -2.93 0 3
Jonquille Cooper -3.5lbs -0.6 -1.74 5 2
Amanda Orr 0lbs 0 5 2
Lindsay Williams 0lbs 0 1 0
Jen Shervey -0.5lbs -0.1 -0.27 1 0

Total Weight LossBMI Change% Body WeightMeal Tracker Streaks (Days)Weight Tracker Streaks (Weeks)
Sum-4st 1.74lbs193116


Who can see the Leaderboard

Only current paying members of Be Strong can view the Leaderboard – nobody else. It’s completely hidden inside our secure membership area.

Will the Leaderboard display my weight to everybody?

No, your weight will never be displayed on the Leaderboard. We will only display your weight difference for the month (e.g. -2bs, +1lbs, 0 etc)

Can I sort the columns on the Leaderboard to see who’s leading on each category?

Yes you can – but only on a laptop or desktop computer. You may also be able to on some larger tablets. The table is just a little bit too large on mobile devices.

Can I use my own method to track my food and drink?

Yes, you can. However, just bear in mind that you will not be able to participate in the Best Meal Tracker Entries category.

Can we interact with others on this challenge?

Yes, you can post your own comment below, or reply to others. Please make sure you tick the subscribe box so you’re notified when somebody replies to you.

Who wins?

At the end of each month we will lock the Leaderboard and announce the winners. It’s vitally important that you make sure you update your weight in good time.

Are there any prizes for the winners?

No, we feel it would be totally wrong to incentivise weight loss with anything material. However, with your consent, we will give you kudos on our social media and website.

There will be three winners in each category: –

  1. Best Total Weight Loss
  2. Best % Bodyweight Lost
  3. Best BMI Change
  4. Best Consecutive Daily Meal Tracker Entries

Do you have any special tips for me?

Here’s a few: –

  • Be sensible, it’s a bit of fun. Don’t go low on calories – aim for within 5% of your Meal Tracker target
  • Try and move more than normal, you will really feel better about yourself if you can do this – you could use your Steps Tracker
  • Stay hydrated – you could use your Water Tracker
  • Make sure you RECORD A WEIGHT on the FIRST DAY and LAST DAY of every month – it could/should/would make all the difference
  • Keep those comments going – the more interaction there is, the more successful you will all be
  • Keep an eye during the month on the Leaderboard, it can be really inspiring and motivational!

8 replies on “June 2022 Leaderboard Challenge”

I saw this quote by Mel Robins, that resonated with me. I’m not sure if it was hers or she was just using it
‘In six months you can have 6 months of excuses or six months of progress, the choice is yours’

It’s working well for me at the moment, along with everything I’ve learned at Be Strong already 😊💕🐝💪🏽

Thanks Jo …. I need to just get this job done now!
I’ve entered my weight in the weight tracker this afternoon… is that right? I’m clueless!!!! 🙈

That’s right Tracie and it’s already showing you on the board. Just use the meal tracker and weight tracker and the rest is done automatically. I’m not sure if you usually use this tracker if not just start with one meal daily to get used to it and that will have you down as tracked 😊 just ask if I can help with anything else

I’m in but only just entered my first weight of the month. I was 2 minds whether to put my ‘actual’ weight or what I was before our anniversary(2nd) and the jubilee 4 day weekend ……… my Be Strong mind win out and I went with this morning’s weight , hearing Rick and Rachel saying it’s only a number . I find this such a motivating challenge is a gentle way but so worth while, best get back on with tracking 😊💕🐝💪🏾

Great to see you ,you need to put a weight in and don’t worry if your name doesn’t come up as I think you have to put 2 weigh ins in to show up. Only you ever see the weight. The difference is shown but only if the + is clicked by someone. I focus on the tracking as it’s something I have control off. Feel free to have a look at mine on the other months. 💕🐝💪🏾

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