Getting the Balance Right – The Knowledge 15/10/2021

This is the Weekly Be Strong Knowledge Topic that was published on 15/10/2021

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Totally agree with not forcing anything on people or family but it does help to have your family on board. Since starting be strong I’ve introduced two new meals per week from the recipe library & like Rick says all it takes it’s a little bit of research. I know what we all like to eat & I have a fussy 15 years daughter but so far they’ve enjoyed all the meals and are looking forward to the following week for their surprise Be Strong tea! They can have extra calories with their meal & also enjoy their old favourites. I’ve also twigged a lot of my recipe to reduce the calories but they don’t know that & can’t tell either 😂

Loved this weeks topic. Especially as ive been guilty of all those things at some time in my life. But I’m trying to listen and learn to achieve success. Like having these weekly discussion topics on line. Can listen to when I need a little extra motivation mid week or can rewatch if I can’t quite remember a point. Thanks both x

Hello you two on Saturday when I had all 3 grandchildren who wanted takeaway I had a low calorie lasagna out of the freezer. Well chuffed and I didn’t Hoover up the leftovers 😊😊💪massive change there 👍👍 thanks

Hiya. Thanks for the talk . I’m one of those people who can’t get out of the SW WW type of dieting. However since I started at Bestrong I’m learning to fit it in with my life And not be “on a diet “Thanks I’m getting there thanks to you two And the group

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