Get your Gameplan

Your Gameplan is the key to your Be Strong success. It sets out in simple steps what you must do to achieve what you have come here for. For most that is weight loss, for some it is fitness, for others it is both.

Whatever reason you are here for, using the ‘Gameplan’ can help focus your mind, and keep you on track for long enough to get the job done.

We have now put together a really simple process for you to stick to, with lots of accountability and lots of routine, to enable you to achieve your goals.


Our simplest Gameplan explained

Step 1 – Get in a calorie deficit – A calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight. You can find out what calories you should be consuming to lose weight in your ‘Weight Loss Centre‘. Make sure you eat food that you enjoy to those calories, and savour every mouthful.  Don’t be tempted to go to the diet food that you always go to when you are losing weight. We want you to love your food, just like you always have. Just get it in the right balance.

Step 2 – Set your goal – Using goal setting in Gameplan helps you to really understand what it is you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it by, and how you are going to achieve it. Setting your goal, allows you to work through all of this, to make sure nothing gets in the way of your success. We recommend that you don’t rush this process -sit down with a tea or coffee and work through each question in detail to give you the best chance of success.

Step 3 – Use ‘Meal Tracker‘. We know you might think we would say this, but the Be Strong Meal Tracker really is the best!! Why? Because it only contains your food. When you are using other meal trackers, that lots of other people have added food to, there may be a tendency to pick the option for a chicken breast, for example, that ‘suits you’ the best, i.e. got the lowest calories. You could end up logging a chicken breast for 100 calories, when really you have eaten one at 250 calories instead. Then when you don’t see results, you can’t understand why. What you need to do is weigh your chicken breast, and ask google how many calories are in that many grams of chicken breast meat. If you use a similar size every time, you will soon stop needing to weigh everything, as you will know what your portion size looks like.

Step 4 – Accountability Tracker – Holding yourself accountable is a great way to stay on track.  With our accountability tracker we ask you to log 4 things – calories tracked, glasses of water, steps moved and your weight. The reason being, if at the end of the day, you haven’t done any of those things it gives you a reset for the following day, reminding you to get your act together. Calories, is explained above in step 3.  Drinking water has endless benefits for weight loss – read about them here. Steps is a great leveller – no matter whether you run, walk, do a HIIT session or jump up and down on the spot, steps are counted.  You can count them on your phone in your pocket, your smart watch or on a simple pedometer – and they simply show you how much you have moved. The more steps, the more you have moved. You don’t have to run marathons or climb mountains, just move! Lastly adding your weight – now we don’t need you to weigh every day for this, but entering your last weight daily, does keep it at the forefront of your mind, and will subconsciously keep you on track.  Checking all these things off at the end of the day, will give you a huge boost if you have completed them all, or a nice little reminder for a reset for the following day if you haven’t.

Step 5 – Weekly Progress Log – by completing your weekly progress log, you take time out to reflect on the week gone by, and whether you achieved what you have set out to. If you take time to do this, you can use the log to reflect on what went wrong, what went right, and what you could do differently to boost your success the following week. It also allows you to set your intentions for the week ahead, meaning that you are formulating your plan to keep you on track.

Try it!

This really is it – knowledge, planning, tracking, moving and reflecting. Psychological strategies to get you to your goal!!

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