Upper Body Challenge

Increase strength in your torso and arms

The challenge for May is to improve our Upper Body Strength. We really like the new format for our monthly challenges and I think you guys do too, so they are going to stay for a while yet. 

The challenge will focus on 4 exercises that will be done every day for 5 days, then we will ramp it up, and so on every 5 days for the month. The exercises will be Straight Punches, lateral raises, push ups and tricep dips.  

Straight punches – technique – stand either in a boxing stance or with your feet hip width apart and soft knees – clench your fists to create tension and punch straight out in front of you, alternating fists, but make sure you put your shoulders into the punch to get some power behind them. 

Lateral Raises – Standing with feet hip width apart, engage tummy muscles and keep backs nice and straight, either using a weight or clenching your fist to create resistance through the arms, raise both arms directly out to the side up to shoulder height, hold for a second and then lower again.  

Push ups – Push ups can be done against a wall, on your knees, or on your toes. Just make sure your weight is distributed right over the top of your hands and wrists and try and keep your body in a straight line.

You can look at the push up improvement challenge if you want some more tips: –

Tricep Dips – leaning against a low wall or a chair, or even just sitting on the floor with legs bent and feet flat on the floor, place your hands behind you, with your fingers pointing towards your toes and lower your weight down (if in an elevated position) or backwards (if seated) through the triceps (backs of the arms).

If you need any more explanation, or need something made harder or easier, please comment below.

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