October Codebreaker Challenge

Monthly Challenge Time!!

It’s new monthly challenge time and for October we are going to have a Codebreaker challenge.

We have given you below a list of 10 exercises with a corresponding number 0-9.  Every day, we will release a secret code for you to complete a mini workout.

Some days will be easy, and some days will be a a little more challenging.

This challenge is all about having the commitment to doing something every single day and seeing it through! It’s about forming new routines, and learning how to incorporate physical activity into your lives, whether that’s squatting while you are brewing up or purposely doing a 20 minute workout.

Regular daily activity is the best kind of activity, which is why we don’t necessarily need to complete the code all in one go, and can break it up throughout the day.

The Secret Code will be released daily at 12.01am, both on the Facebook discussion group and in the Challenges section of the Forums, so will be there when you wake up in a morning. You don’t have to do all the exercises in one go, you can spread them out throughout the day. The aim is to get you moving and moving regularly.  We would love to see you taking part in this challenge by posting your pics and videos in your Social Dashboard or in the Facebook Group!

If you need any help with the technique for any of the exercises go to the exercise finder for guidance.

Are you a Be Strong Codebreaker? Are you ready to take on the code breaker challenge?







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