Rick and Rachel’s Changeover Challenge!

Why you should take on the Changeover Challenge!

The most common requests for help, made to us at Be Strong during lock-down, are relating to weight gain, lack of control or self regulation and feeling disconnected, fed up and off track!

It doesn’t have to be that way!

We can help you lose any weight you gained, provide you with a really clear sense of purpose again and help you take back control of your mind and body, using techniques which are proven to promote these changes for lifelong.

Perfect Timing

Whilst we don’t know how long we will remain in lock-down, the indications are that the country will soon be transitioning its way into some kind of normality.

This is the best time to start your own ‘changeover’, so that when that ‘normality’ returns, you’ll hit the ground running. You will be on the front foot and best of all, you’ll have the incredible Be Strong community encouraging you all the way!

What if I’m not a member?

That’s cool, you can still join in! We can’t give you a precise daily calorie target, as they’re unique to each individual person, however if you would like to lose weight:

  • For females, we recommend a daily calorie target of 1400 calories.
  • For males, we recommend a daily calorie target of 1900 calories.

If you’re considering becoming a member you can view our membership options here.

Alternatively, you may need our help in finding the best method to help you lose weight for you particular behaviours. You can take our FREE appraisal here.

What does the Changeover Challenge involve?

Routine, structure, discipline and self reflection! You will eat 3 meals and 2 snacks each day, drink 8 glasses of water (you can use sugar free cordial if it helps), undertake one form of exercise and not exceed your personalised daily calorie target.

Top tips!

You’re more than capable of succeeding at this! If you need support you can find it in our members only Facebook group or in our community forums. You can always drop us a message via your Help Desk.

Download your Changeover Challenge!

Changeover Challenge not for you?

That’s ok, there are lots of other programmes to choose from. Our most popular are listed below: –

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