Fake Away Chicken Kebabs

High protein, low fat fake away Chicken Kebabs

Just over 500 calories per serving.

Marinate diced chicken breast in spices, smoked paprika, pinch of cayenne & rub into the meat, refrigerate for a few hours if possible – the longer the better.

Place on a hot griddle pan, on high heat for around 3 minutes each side, turn onto sides to ensure meat is thoroughly cooked.

Take the chicken off the pan to rest whilst you cook sliced peppers in the pan which will absorb the spices
Stuff into a warmed Pitta bread, add peppers, salad, jalapeños and low calorie garlic sauce.

I used around 1 full chicken Breast (250g) per serving 250 calories
Low cal garlic sauce 10 calories
Pitta bread 150
Large Salad 100 calories

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