Learn to ‘Eat Smart’

Surviving Quitters Day and beyond!

Quitters day is upon us! And you are still motivated and hopefully not feeling too worn down by your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, if you have followed our advice.

There will be some of you that have been tempted to perhaps try a bit too hard to get those Christmas pounds off, we know that, its human nature.  But to avoid slipping into that yo-yo diet cycle again, ease off now and start with the small changes, because the small changes that you make, can have a big impact.

This year, we want you to start learning.  Once you have learnt, you will never go back.

Knowledge is power!

Francis Bacon, an early philosopher, coined the phrase ‘Knowledge is power!’  Knowledge empowers us all to achieve things we couldn’t possibly achieve without learning that information.

Could you have passed your exams at school, if you hadn’t listened and learned in lessons?

Could a brain surgeon perform complex surgery and cure disease, if they hadn’t studied and learned all about surgical technique and the biology and physiology of the brain and the body?

Could Tim Berners-Lee have invented the internet, if he hadn’t investigated and learned about how to build networks and develop webpages, and all the other things that us mere mortals don’t understand about how the world wide web works?

Could you have learnt how to drive and pass your driving test, without learning the highway code and having lessons on how you use the pedals, gear stick and steering wheel?

Could Eric Clapton have become a phenomenal guitar player without first learning where to place his fingers on the fret board to play the chords?

If you do one thing in January – do this!

We have asked you to do one thing for the start of 2019 – download the ‘Starter program’ and track your food for three weeks – we know that there will be some of you that haven’t done that yet – so take this opportunity and download it now – start to track now!

There are so many benefits to tracking your food. It is an absolute eye opener for a lot of people.

“Knowledge is Power, Power provides Information; Information leads to Education, Education breeds Wisdom; Wisdom is Liberation…”  Israelmore Ayivor, Writer

Why do you gain weight?

The main benefit from tracking your food, is knowledge.  You learn about the food that you enjoy eating. You learn how you can continue to eat the food you like eating, with a bit of careful and clever portion control. You learn why, after all these years, you are here again in January, starting over. You learn why you gain weight. If you know why you are gaining weight, you have the key to losing it.

One of the biggest eye openers for Rachel when she started to track her food, was the amount of calories she was eating in bread. Toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and half a garlic baguette with her evening meal – nearly 800 calories a day there! Some sensible swaps at lunch and breakfast and cutting out the garlic baguettes shared with her husband, saved around 500-600 calories a day. But it also meant that if she really fancied garlic bread at tea time, she had to have a smaller portion of her tea and a smaller portion of garlic bread, to make it fit.

So you can see that once you have that knowledge, it is liberating!  It gives you the freedom of choice. This knowledge now gives you the freedom to choose the food you like eating but still lose weight, because you now know the amount of that particular food that you can eat, and still lose weight! Isn’t that what everyone wants? It just takes a bit of maths, so get out your calculator!

Eating Smart!

There is a phrase coined in recent years to ‘Work smart, not hard’, and we will gladly apply this ethos in our professional lives to manage our time and resources well, to make sure we get the best, most economical and efficient outputs for our employers or for our own businesses.  We need to transfer that ethos to our eating. When we are at work we are constantly striving for improvements, a way to do things easier and in a more cost effective, less labour-intensive way.

If we apply this thinking to our health and our eating patterns and habits, we would get the most enjoyment from our food as possible, whilst consuming the right amount of calories, with great nutrition for our bodies.  This is ‘eating smart’.

Tracking your food and understanding your calories gives you the knowledge to make clever swaps, to still enjoy the food you eat, and to ‘eat smart‘, rather than blindly feeding your body with food that you have no comprehension of how many calories it contains.

Imagine a factory making clothing, the factory manager would research all the fabric suppliers the quality of their product and how much they charge.  If the factory manager could buy the same quality fabric from one supplier at £2000 a tonne, or from another supplier at £1000 a tonne, it wouldn’t make business sense to buy from the supplier who charges more.  He could employ 250 people to hand sew all the clothing the factory would make, or he could employ 250 people to machine sew the clothing, and the output would be far greater.  He would be sourcing supplies at the lowest cost, and producing the greatest amount of clothing possible, with his workforce.

You can apply the same logic with what you put in your mouth – to make sure you eat smart!   Do your research, what’s the most efficient way to eat, what gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to calories, what gives you the tastiest food for the least calorie spend. Think of your daily calorie allowance like a daily budget and spend it wisely, on food you enjoy, but that is lower in calories.

Tracking your food allows you to do just this.  It gives you complete control over the food you eat. It allows you to look at the food you want to eat, check the calories so that you can write it down, and then make a good choice based upon that information. Whether that choice is to go ahead and eat it, have a smaller amount it, or choose something different, lower in calories, but equally enjoyable.

The benefits of tracking your food are therefore two fold – the knowledge you gain is undoubtedly the key to your success, but whilst acquiring that knowledge, you will make better decisions about the food you eat. It’s a win win situation! All it takes is a pen and paper and a bit of thought.

You never unlearn something!

Once you have this knowledge, you won’t ever unlearn it. You might need to refresh it occasionally, or if you discover a new food, you will want to learn more about it and check how it fits into what you want to achieve.  But once you have the knowledge, you have the power to make it fit.

Without knowledge, action is useless; knowledge without action is futile! Abu Bakr, Early founder of Islam

Take action!

You should now understand why we ask you to track your food, if you do, you now have the knowledge to lose weight for good. Don’t waste this knowledge, put it to good us and reap the rewards.

Stop starving yourself, start to learn about the food you love, and you will be successful.  Download the ‘Starter programme’, for free now.

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