Pep Talk

Have you ever been to a really experienced person, somebody that really ‘knows their stuff’, with loads and loads of evidence that the advice they give works – but you choose to completely ignore it? Have you ever thought about why that might be? Is it because they didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear?

They didn’t tell you it would be easy. They didn’t say you could carry on over eating and never be hungry. Was it because they told you that you would have to make changes, start doing things differently? You would have to start taking responsibility and stop making excuses – things you already knew but had been unable to accept.

The person with all that experience, all that evidence of success, the person that truly cares about helping complete strangers to change their lives has to tell you this to help you, not to hinder you.

Alternative advice

We’re not talking about somebody stood in front of you, pushing some product that works on ‘everybody that tries it’, with ‘fantastic results every time’. This is awesome, you’ve been waiting for this solution ever since you realised that you had got to a point where you had to do something – or at least appear to be trying. The person is telling you about ‘free food and drink’ and how you can not only make significant progress with minimal effort – you can also do it in a ridiculously short timescale.

Yet at the same time you’re looking them up and down and wondering why it didn’t work on them.

The irony is that the person with the experience, the evidence, the loyal and significant following is ignored. Most likely you’re frightened of failure, you simply don’t think you can do it. It’s at this point that we’re asking you not to ignore them, to take a deep breath and give it your best shot.

Lets Jump!

So, you decided to have a go. You’ve ignored the easy options and jumped on board with Be Strong. It’s all plain sailing now we may think – right? Not always. You see, some of us will still ignore all of that advice which comes not only from personal experience, but from coaching lots and lots of others to lifestyle change success.

Why do we always choose to ignore good advice? – after all we’re here, willing and able. Could it be because the methodology being offered takes time, effort and patience? Time is precious, effort can be exhausting and patience is a rare commodity.

You think you can fast-track yourself by going at it 100 mph. You’ll sign up for the gym, be in there every morning. Your social media will carry daily announcements of your intentions. Those who know you will unfollow you due to ‘broken record’ syndrome.

In addition you’ll be walking into work with your Tupperware dishes, carefully placing them in the fridge, whilst announcing that you’re ‘on a diet’. You’ll go for a walk at lunch then you’ll get home to dinner – white chicken, and a plate of vegetables. Sounds yum!!! You’ll repeat this every day – day after day after day.

Your treat of a beer, or a glass of wine at the end of your working week will be replaced with a sports bottle of water and the Saturday night takeaway becomes a thing of the past. In fact, you will have taken away from yourself everything you enjoy and replaced them with things that you more than likely detest. The inevitable outcome is you will give up. As plain and simple as that. Starving and exercising your way to long term health and well-being is near impossible. This is especially so if you have a lot of weight to lose.

Think about it – does anybody actually advise anybody to take this approach? The only thing that can be almost guaranteed is you will fail.

This isn’t very ‘peppy’ so far is it?

The ‘Pep’ bit

You all possess the natural talent to successfully change your own lifestyles. It just needs to be harnessed and you will need to get organised around it. We haven’t met anybody yet that hasn’t got the ability to do this. Look around you, there so much success at Be Strong that it must work. It does work and you can be part of it too. We can’t wait to all share in your success.

Have a think, if you were just starting out at Be Strong what are the first two small goals you would set yourself?

Goal 1

I will track all of my calories for all food and drink before I consume them for 21 days.

Goal 2

I will increase my exercise and experience a new routine. I will go for a 30 minute walk on Monday at 7pm and on Thursday at 7pm. No matter what the weather these walks will happen, nothing will stand in my way. I will also do this for 3 weeks.

Look above – that’s much more easier than starving yourself in the gym. Be honest, take a step back and assess your chances of success at fulfilling those 2 goals. What’s the percentage?

Whatever you assessed your chance of success at is the chance of overall success you will have at Be Strong. How do we know? The first 3 weeks basics are the hardest bit.

  • We can help you to concentrate on stopping gaining fat rather than losing it. Until you understand what’s making you fat, how can you ever stand a chance of reversing it?
  • We will advise you where to concentrate your efforts in relation to your priorities. Many spend 80% of their time putting their eggs into the wrong basket. We can help you put that all of that effort into the right one.
I once went on a machine in Boots to tell me how much body fat I had. How useless was that information? I was 25st – I already knew I was fat.Rick Wilson
  • We can help you to start to experience success very quickly. Many of us haven’t had that feeling for a long time. Success breeds success.

Take action

The task for this week is a very simple one.

Take care of who you follow, who you listen to and don’t fall into the trap of not taking their advice because it’s not what you want to hear. If you embrace good advice its not actually that difficult. It’s certainly not as difficult as what you always do.

Be open to doing things differently than you have in the past. If you don’t do things differently then nothing will likely change for you.


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